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Was recently raped, not coping, missing uni/placement - what to do? watch


    (Original post by rangu2011)
    Hello, Often going to counselling service, looking for help from counselors, make the situation worse. As you constantly think, "I am unstable to cope with this alone myself". You eventually become dependent on them. But, you may also get their help, without this problem.

    I am sorry to hear what happened to you.

    I'm sure, you are feeling guilty for this and may think that you are the one to blame. If this feeling occurs, ignore it. This is very very usual to happen. Remember, when a feeling affects you (such as guilt), it can be very difficult to think outside that feeling. Therefore you will feel guilty or whatever the bad feeling you experiences, despite how much you understand that, this feeling is not "real". Keep that in mind.

    Try to be with people whom you love. Associate with them, accept their love, enjoy yourself. Despite this, the feeling you experience can come back continuously. But, there is a total solution, in that, this feeling never remains all your life. Will soon cease.

    But when this feeling conquers you: you may feel:

    * I am worthless
    * Something like this has not happened to others (many suffers from your problem)
    * I am now just "used"
    * I am in the wrong
    * My whole life has been wasted

    All the above feelings are just crazy thoughts and nothing is real. For you to understand that they are false, it will need you to come out of your problem. Then you will see reason. However, dont let something like this happen again.

    People who get raped are attractive, they are lucky people when it comes to their looks.

    I'm sure you will get over this. We are always there to reassure you (with real reasons), and good people are always with you.

    This troll's just trying to get some neg rep. Let's just all ignore it.

    (Original post by dreamer*girl)
    This troll's just trying to get some neg rep. Let's just all ignore it.

    Well, I thought even a bad troll had enough empathy to know this is the wrong thread for making stupid jokes. I can't believe it...

    To the OP do you have little episodes of memories keep flooding back?Do they make you feel awful and sick for a few moments becuase i have the same but not due to rape.

    I feel for what you had to go through i always fear this happening.
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