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    (Original post by Alaric)
    There will normally be a compulsory matriculation formal, and possibly also a graduation one. Most places will also require gowns for those, though lots of people borrow them just for that.

    Formals are fun and you'll certainly want to go to some before you decide you don't like them. Some people seem to think they're nothing but an excuse to get paralytic though, pennying is ubiquitous.
    I like proper silver service formals, it isn't the same when you have to serve yourself. There tends to be all the proper etiquette crap to deal with but it's just a load of easy to follow rules, that people tend to judge you by. A lot of people don't even try to do it 'right', so you're unlikely to be frowned upon if you don't eat your soup in the 'correct' manner. I never eat the bread 'properly' as I think that's just silly, so I rip it open .

    You'll enjoy formals once you've sampled them though, I'm sure.

    You make it sound nice! Do the tutors get drunk?

    (Original post by Mentally Ill)
    You make it sound nice! Do the tutors get drunk?
    For most formals they'll all sit up on their own 'high' table and not sit with you, so you tend to not find out... occasionally at other formals (such as matric) they sit with you and some get a little tipsy. I think the most drunk I saw one was actually when I was at a wedding of some Oxford Don friends of my parents, I ended up drinking with this other Don and we both got absolutely hammered. Well I was hammered by the time I started drinking with him, why on earth they'd serve the same amount of alcohol to the 'kids' table (this was a few years ago) when there were only 3 people drinking at that table I have no idea.


    To musicboy. There is no real point to rowing - the aim is just to row faster than the other colleges. The emphasis is on college pride abd the intrinsic pleasure of getting up at six am walking through the cold and exhausting yourself on a 10-16km row before lectures. No, seriously it is fun - at least I feel that way :-)
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