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Andrew Lansley - Health Secretary watch

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    "Andrew Lansley...you grey and manky codger!"

    There doesn't appear to be a thread on this man yet, so I thought I would start off a debate on what he's doing to the NHS...and how much opposition there is from all sectors of the nation.

    The reference above is taken from the Andrew Lansley 'rap' on Youtube. I've decided not to link it at this stage as I've got into trouble before with the moderation team on account of linking stories that have other links to, shall we say, unsuitable material for younger students...not that there's anything on the Youtube video rap that might be considered unsuitable in this manner. However, I'm just taking a responsible and cautious approach.

    So get on over to Youtube and watch the video and then come back and discuss...

    By the way...don't shoot the messenger!

    Lansley's between a rock and a hard place at the moment as he seems to lack the backing of the Tory high command when, considering the depth of his proposals, he really needs it the most. I'm wary about the scale of the drive to contract out portions of the NHS, although many of the details mean little to me. What's telling is the widespread anger by those the changes affect, particularly GPs and other NHS front-line staff. Lansley's 'natural break in the course of the Bill' is a weak defence to the simple fact that his proposals are not sitting well with the Commons or the country. The Liberal Democrats' concerns are particularly important, given the nature of coalition government. Cameron's unwillingness to rally around Lansley suggests a climbdown, at least a partial one, when MPs return after the Easter break.

    personally....I feel for the man....he is damned if he does, and damned if he doesn't....

    I'd say that if these "consortiums" we not just GP led, but by the entire spectrum of healthcare professionals.....then it would work and work very well.....especially since the private sector won't be able to "steal" patients away from the NHS due to the strict price regulation that will happen....so everyone will charge the same for the same procedure

    if it remains in the GP only way....its doomed to fail

    Can someone explain the reforms? :dontknow:

    I think the whole reforms are pretty stupid.

    I have worked with GPs and to be honest, they are best suited to doing medicine and not to manage commisioning. Most don't have time or the inclination to do the day to day running of their own practices and they hire a professional manager so where they will get the time to do all the work needed to run commisioning I do not know.

    I think the most likely senario is the GPs will delegate the running of commisioning to ex PCT staff because they know what to do and have the time to do it and GPs will take the management fees and give a proportion to the ex PCT staff.

    The government could have had the same effect by making PCTs take on their executive boards GP representatives with the power to veto PCT strategy but for political reasons, they wanted GPs to be in "control". The change will cost £1.5 billion for little clinical effect.

    As to using all "qualified" providers, this sounds a good idea until you consider if say xrays were handed out to one provider and orthopaedics to another. You then have to travel from one place to get an xray and then somewhere else to get your cast fitted if you broke a bone. Anyone who has broken a bone knows its bloody painful and travelling is not high on the list.

    Private companies can also go out of business, who would step in if a private provider of maternity services for a large city went out of business? It could take months to restore services because you have to go through a bidding and selection process for new providers while patients would have to travel long distances to other cities.

    The reforms suit the private companies. Why doesn't the Tories let the GP's do what they do best and SAVE LIVES rather than managing budgets?

    The reforms must be bad if GP's are opposed to them.
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