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    (Original post by masterwayne10)
    Okay, thank you for that. I will consider opting for History - I shall hope to think that the reading should not be a major concern as I already have a lot of reading for English Lit and also read a lot for Law too. Thanks again for the information though.
    You are most welcome If ever you need any advice or help regarding A-level history, then do not hesitate toask me.

    (Original post by masterwayne10)
    Right, sure, I see what you mean.

    Which ones are you predicted A*AA in, by the way? Best of luck for it all!
    Yeah, don't worry about it. I felt a little disheartened when I saw TSRians subjects/grades but you just gotta remember TSR doesn't represent the students in reality :P English Lit will do you well anyway.

    For me:
    A* History
    A RE
    A ICT

    And I scraped a B in my AS for psychology :P (Hated the subject so much!)

    Very doubtful.

    to be honest i think business, english and law are fine. I studied english maths politics and economic (dropped the latter at as) and got offers from kings and bham to study law. law is not looked down upon by many unis anymore (i think that was the case a few years ago) but now i believe it's the case with oxbridge- don't be too disheartened. As someone has already mentioned- it's not only your subjects; your personal statement and LNAT will go a long long way too (especially for 'good unis')
    Many of my friends studied law at a-level..not appreciated by staff at unis because they basically re-teach what u learnt at a-level for the whole of the first year but tbh it will help u because you'll already know most of the 1st year syllabus! i would recommend that your drop drama, work hard on the other 3 subjects and get some brilliant work experience over summer- good unis are big on that !
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    I'm gonna say no, three soft subjects is a bit too many. It obviously depends on what you mean by 'good' but top 10 are out of the question with 3/4 soft a-levels

    (Original post by masterwayne10)
    Not only because of TSR. but I feel that Business Studies and Drama might affect my application. I seriously hope not though, because I am working hard to get the best grades I can. Also, I'm looking to do work experience over the holidays to aid my statement/applications.

    May I ask what your AS/A2 courses are?
    Although Drama is considered a soft option it may be actually quite benefical for Law, some Universities do like mock trials quite often and it'll be no good if you're shy and stuttering... people with Drama tend to be really good speakers. With your A-Levels you probably aren't going to be going to Oxbridge :P But you still stand a good chance at the Universities like Surrey, Lancaster, Newcastle, even Durham etc. People from my school have done 'soft' subjects and got offers for Law at places like Warwick and Durham...

    I only did three A-Levels; History, Business and Law. Personally, I think it's a better combination than all the sciences (which are apparently the best A-Levels according to TSR)... science isn't really going to help you in Law... my cousin did the degree and it's a lot of essay writing, analysing situations, taking in mass amounts of information... I think even Business Studies manages to prepare you a bit for that!

    (Original post by masterwayne10)
    Hi there,

    I'm sorry for starting another thread of this, but it is quite urgent and I'd really appreciate any help/advice.

    Okay, well I am an AS student at the moment (have a look at my previous threads, if you wish), and am studying English Literature, Law, Business Studies and Drama & Theatre Studies.

    I sort of regret choosing Business Studies and Drama & Theatre Studies because they are two very (from what I've heard) "soft" A-Levels.

    Now, I was wondering, would I be able to get into a good university for Law with at least AAAB, AABB, or ABBB, preferably the first two set of grades as this is what I am aiming for. What is the likelihood of me being accepted into my university choices because I believe I can achieve these grades by working hard.

    To let you know, I have an A at the moment in Law, and a C in Business Studies. However, I will be retaking the Business Studies exam in May because I was 1 mark away from a B and feel confident I can do much better this time round, hopefully.

    Also, I am thinking of whether or not to go to university. My options to me, seems - strange. I'm confused and angered at the fact that I may not get my offers because I have 2 "soft" A-Level courses. Additionally, I've been considering the option of picking up a harder, more academic, AS course at the start of my A2's, which is this September.

    Please tell me what you think.

    Thank you.

    I would say there is nothing stopping you from applying to top universities with those A'levels. Do not worry about what they are saying about A'level law at all. I also take it and I do not see anything 'soft' about the course. Like someone above as said, unis might not like it because the contents of it might be what they will teach for the first year.

    I can assure you that you will get offers with from some top unis if you eventually do end up getting predicted at least AAB and also achieving those grades at the end of A2.

    You also mentioned that you are considering picking up either AS Govt & politics, Economics or History. I've completed my A'level Economics and I am now completing Govt & Politics and the only thing I can say is that these subjects strongly stabilises your writing, thinking and reading skills. History will even support more as it is more in-depth.

    I would recommend that you continue taking Literature, Law and Drama for A2. You could then pick up History or Economics for extra AS. You would then also have AS business at the side (just hope you end up with at least a B). So you predicted grades could end up sort of like:
    Literature - A
    Law - A
    Drama A/B
    then AS Business - B
    AS History/Economics - B
    Would be really beneficial getting predicted and ending up with AABbb.

    Just continue studying hard during this easter holiday and ignore the so called 'smarties' who thinks picking up A'level maths or the sciences will be of benefit when it comes to studying law.

    This is really annoying. Stop worrying so much. I did Psychology, Drama & Theatre Studies, and History for A2 and got accepted to all top 20 universities (albeit not for law, but still for rather competitive subjects). Just apply for uni and see what happens. It is stupid to take up another AS level when the universities do not ask for an extra AS level, it would be pointless, extra work and will probably make your A2 grades suffer. Just do the 3 subjects you want to do at A2. On the other hand, you could just continue all 4 onto A2 if you want to look like you're trying to be a competitive candidate because my friend took on all 4 of her subjects (English Language, Drama, History and Law) and Cardiff gave her an AABB offer instead of AAA, so it may be worth looking into that.

    (Original post by Alex-jc123)
    You are most welcome If ever you need any advice or help regarding A-level history, then do not hesitate toask me.
    Could you help me too?

    (Original post by Ladieangel20)
    Could you help me too?
    Of course! As my signature states, I will help anyone in need of advice regarding history. PM/quote me and I'll get back to you as quickly as I am able to.

    (Original post by masterwayne10)
    Okay, I will have to wait and see but I am still considering the options. If I do, yes, I will mention it in my personal statement.

    Yes, I have heard..I just fear that I won't be able to get into any universities because of my courses..I sincerely hope they consider my statement, my work experience and my grades achieved (since I am working incredibly hard to get the best out of myself, especially trying to better myself as I didn't do too well for my GCSEs!).

    But that's good to know, thanks.

    I've considered either History, Government & Politics, or Economics. Which would you suggest and why?

    Thanks again.
    Both History and Economics are considered academic A-levels. I'm not 100% certain about Government and Politics - it's not very traditional, that's all, so I'm not sure what universities tend to think about it. You could try emailing some top Law universities and double check. Personally, I'd go for history. I think it gives you a good grounding in the sort of source analysis/critical thinking/essay writing-type skills that will be useful for law; it's interesting; and universities seem to value it. I'd say a good 40% of applicants to the top universities for law have taken history.
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    Thank you for the helpful answers. Much appreciated.

    I'm still unsure as to whether I will take up AS History, although I'd quite like to. I'll figure it out over the summer holidays.
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