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Sustainable Eng/ Development or Management?? watch

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    Well, I know I should make a decision for myself, but being from overseas as much as I know about British universities are from ranking (haphazard and misleading) , wikipedia, university websites (everyone says they're the best) and here (still can't find a completely relevant thread).

    I did my undergrad degree in chemical engineering and I got pretty good results at the end, but I just jumped into it without knowing exactly what was it all about and totally regretted it later. I started this degree at a pretty prestigious university and after two years, I got really depressed (bipolar, but it's now under control), so I quit and moved back to my home country to a so-so university which miraculously accepted my transfer credits even though I have quit my first university. I bet this doesn't look good on my CVs, even though at the end I manage to secure a first (but from a so-so university in a developing country).

    I am very environment conscious and I would love to steer away from traditional chem eng roles ( I find machines and equipments both daunting and intimidating!)
    I did a 6-month internship at a petrochemical factory at I felt unease throughout my time there. Still, I don't want to throw away all my engineering knowledge that I spent the total of 6 years ( 2 at 1st uni and 4 at the second) learning!!! So I figured that these programs would be good to go


    1. Engineering for Sustainable Development at Cambridge
    No surprise.

    Offers Received

    1. Clean Technology (school of chemical engineering) at Newcastle

    (I am worried that it might still lead to a job at a factory. Seemingly has a good job prospect, but I don't know if it really is or it's just effective advertising. I received and offer after 4 days with a condition that I graduate with a 3.00 or higher which is impossible not to. I have received plenty more of information after that. Of all the unis I applied, Newcastle by far has the best application system)

    2. Sustainable Engineering of at Loughborough

    ( Some interesting subjects, but the fact that it is in a mechanical and manufacturing engineering department makes it way less appealing to me. Condition gpa > 3.50 which is fine by me)

    3. Sustainable Development (School of geography and geology) at St. Andrews

    ( Can almost be considered as a humanities subject. It contains some soft sciences and take applicant from all background. I don't think I'll be able to find a job with this degree unless I continue with a PhD (can't self-fund). They have already assigned me a supervisor though and she seems to be doing some research on the area that I'm very interested in. The class is also very small, 4 2010, 10 in 2011. Condition: same as Loughborough.)

    4. Management at Bath

    (I was a little worried about the job prospect of all those sustainable courses, so I thought I might as well apply to something that's totally general. It might still be difficult getting a job with such a general degree, but my family has a small business that I can always fall back on. Condition: 3.25)


    International Strategy and economics at St. Andrews
    I don't fit that applicant requirement one bit, but the school coordinator suggested that I should give it a go. I doubt if I will or should get in.

    I did not apply to any prestigious universities in London that are probably easier to get in than Cambridge, because I hate big cities, I can't afford the cost of living in London, plus I cannot take a lot of stress with my bipolar in hibernation. The cost of living in St. Andrews worries me a bit, but it seems to be much cheaper than London anyway.

    I don't know much about a career in sustainable area or if it even exists and the fact that all universities (except Cambridge) are after my money makes it more difficult for me to decide. As someone on the forum suggested, the fact that universities offer a certain course no longer guarantees anything now that all the fees are so high.

    Thank you for reading (even some parts of) my overly long post and thank you in advance for your input.
    Any input will be greatly appreciated.
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