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    I'm thinking of going into a career of either Medicine, Writing or Film Industry. However I feel like I've made the wrong decision with my options.

    In Years 10 and 11, I'll be doing the English Baccalaureate, consisting of: Maths, English, Triple Science, RE, IT, German, Geography, History and Psychology.

    I know that GCSE's are just a stepping stone for A-Level, however at the moment I'm leaning more towards English and Film, rather than Medicine.

    As both of my sister have gone into the Medical field, it's the only career I understand how to get into Uni.

    I don't think that my GCSE's will show that I'm capable of doing a wide range and variety of subjects. s they're all academic subjects. It was between Geography, Drama, and Music.

    The reason I didn't take Drama, was because at the time the only reason I was going to take it was to develop my confidence, I also hated my teacher. I didn't take Music because I knew I wasn't good enough, and whatever subject I did end up taking, I wanted to get a good grade in.

    My parents want me to go into Medicine, and to an extent I want to too. But i want a career that I'll enjoy. I also feel that if I don't, it's a waste of doing Triple Science, when there are people doing the Dual Award who want to go into the Medical field.

    I really don't know what I'd have to do to get into Uni, If i want to go into English or Film. And I'd [U]love[U] to go to a prestigious Uni too!

    Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Don't not do triple just because you feel a sort of 'guilty'. You must have some enjoyment with science if you're even considering medicine so don't give up that science opportunity. People with modular science will still be able to do A-level sciences and therefore still gain entry to medicine - everybody is out for themselves, don't disadvantage yourself on 'purpose'.

    Are there any opportunities to do amateur dramatics outside of your school? It's a good way of showing your broad range of talents and the fact you've committed to it outside of school.

    In the end, I doubt it will really have much impact at all as long as you pick the right A-levels when it comes to it, and hopefully in 2 years you'll have a better idea. Carrying on something like Eng Lit/History/Chem/Biol would keep your options open for medicine and a decent competitive combination for English-based things. Don't worry yet though!

    If you want to do Drama instead of Geography then see if you can get it swapped, I honestly don't think it will make a huge difference providing you enjoy whichever one you do

    I did Drama at GCSE, it was enjoyable but I wish i'd taken art instead and just done the drama productions I was involved in without doing the GCSE. I had an issue with who to work with etc. - which i'm hoping won't be a problem in your case. Just the 'artsy' subjects (Drama, Music, Art) you can prove yourself using the skills without doing the GCSE, unlike academics really.
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    which GCSE's you take doesn't mean anything when it comes to medicine, Uni's just look at the number of A*'s you get

    also by academic subjects it really means scientific subjects, so anything other than Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Psychology and you'll be fine

    For AS levels if you do Biology, Chemistry, English Lit or Lit&Lang, and Film or Media studies, it gives you routes for both careers

    I'd say you have appropriate GCSE choices for any of those field, don't sweat it And what I wanted to be, who I am etc have developed more in year 10-11 then any time in my life so far by far.
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    Thank you for all your help! I'm searching for Drama and Writing classes in my area, and I'm even considering picking up First Aid with St. John Ambulance! You've inspired me!
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