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How would you feel if your best friend had done this to you? watch

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    not forgive your friend, he betrayed you in the worst way
    Ask your friend if he only said those things because he was upset at the time
    tell your friend how his account of what actually happened made you feel


    WHO THE HELL is going to read that?! Seriously?!

    If I wanted to read a story I'd read my Dan Brown books.

    (Original post by Mark!91)
    Stupid idiot! don't question me as if I'm lying! Okay I may have been 12, could possibly of been 12 13 though i cant remember 6years later.i was of school because my whole body was stiff after the incident, I couldn't move around properly without aches and pains.
    Surely you'd remember if you were an unusual age for the year, and considering year 7's are 11/12...
    Forgive me, but I have little sympathy for people who spend loads of time off school for things like an ache'. I spent no days at all of school when my mother died, my boyfriend stayed off school for 6 weeks after major brain surgery, and that was only because they were worried that the normal jostling that goes on in a school would cause further brain injury, since he had a large hole in his skull...

    Anyway, it's water under the bridge now, so why not just not bother with it if it upsets you?

    If it's bothering you that much maybe have the courage to take the first steps and be mature- talk to your 'friend'. Did you ask him why he made up those lies about your accident? I get what you're saying OP it is kind of like a sick joke especially if you've experienced a near-death experience and your humour on the situation is running low. The best thing to do is just forget about it or approach your friend.
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