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Course quality vs. Everything else dilemma watch

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    I got 5 unconditional offers earlier this year, I have been to visit all five of my choices and have narrowed it down to these two courses.

    Glasgow: Economics + Maths.

    Leicester: Economics.

    These two really stood out to me from the others, so I now have to decide between the two.

    Leicester seems to be ticking most of the boxes, closer to home, respected research insitution, great facilities (I thought from what I saw) and great feedback from students. Out of all the uni's and more importantly these two, I got the best impression and felt like I could live/study their the most.

    Glasgow is great as well, but I didn't get quite the same feeling there as I did with Leicester, the only thing holding me back from accepting Leicesters offer is that Glasgow definitely ranks higher for economics, 3rd in Scotland, and 12th in the UK compared to Leicesters 23rd. As far as course content goes, I am attracted to what both courses have to offer me. I just don't know if I will regret not choose the more highly regarded course by choosing Leicester. :/

    Not really critical but the Scottish fee's are also 1820GBP this year, as opposed to 3375GBP in England, which is in the back of my mind too.

    Stuck in a rut here, any advice you could give me or opinions you may want to share?

    Don't be swayed too much by league tables as these change quite a bit over the years. If you really get a good gut feeling about Leicester, that's probably the best place for you.

    It's worth bearing in mind that although the difference between 12th and 23rd can seem large on a league table, when you break it down it often amounts to a very small amount. I don't know which table in particular you're talking about, but I'd bet the actual 'score' gap between Glasgow and Leicester is something like 0.8-1.5.
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