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General questions about the TA watch

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    Hi guys, I have been thinking about joining the some form of Armed Forces, honestly for boot camp training and getting high levels of fitness. But I've just read on the TA FAQ that:

    What's my commitment to the TA?
    Soldiers sign up for a minimum of 12 years, while officers sign up until the age of 60. However, both have options to resign during this contract, provided they are not scheduled to deploy on operations.

    What's the reality of this? I'm virtually close to finishing my first year at uni, so would it be sensible to join for only a year or so? And getting paid that little bit would also be helpful, not that I need the money, though.

    Also, if there are people out there who think I am trying to take advantage of the training or anything, then it's not like that of course. I just don't want to commit to it for more than a year.
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    Given the cutbacks, they want as much as possible from everyone in a uniform, part or full time. You would be unlikely to be looked at if you don't have long term thoughts. Why would the TA train you up for you to leave without giving anything back?

    Why not join the OTC while at uni?

    If you can't commit, don't join something that requires a commitment.

    it will probably take the best part of a year to go through the recruiting process and start any sort of training anyway tbh

    I just joined the TA a month ago, if your interested go to an AFCO or just ring them up. In answer to your questions you sign on for 12 years but to leave all you have to do is give 30 days notice, the reason you sign on for 12 years is for admin purposes so you don't have to keep signing on every year. Deploying you dont have to deploy, to deploy you have to volunteer. Training is 6 weekends (9 if your infantry) and then a 2 week camp, this usually takes about a year but it varies. If you have any questions just ring up a careers office, they'll give you the info

    If you want to commit for one year, don't do it. Go for the army cadets or something until you are mature enough to commit properly.

    A one year commitment is nothing. The training would barely get done, if at all. Then what? You leave before deploying. In this day and age, if you can't deploy you are useless.

    There is no point in joining the TA if you are unwilling or unable to deploy.

    Lot's of good points on here.

    You need to think carefully about what you think you are joining the TA for.

    The TAs job is to train soldiers to go to war - not to provide a bit of a boot camp experience for students.

    If you aren't ready to make the commitment to sign up and go through the training programme, and put yourself forward to deploy on operations in due course then you have got this wrong.

    The government and MOD is broke. No unit wants to sign someone up who they do not think they are going to get a decent return out of - it is a waste of the persons time and taxpayers money.

    You do sign on for 12 years, but this is just an admin process - you can resign at any time unless you have been officialy notified you are about to deploy on operations.

    As a full time student you wont be allowed to deploy - but if you stay in the TA after university then you can expect to be asked to deploy.

    The OTC is more geared around having a taster of Army life - but with the pressure on Army budgets is much more serious than it was a few years ago.
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