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car insurance with tracker watch

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    It's not like a criminal case, where's you're innocent until proven guilty. Probably more like a civil case (though obv it will be an internal procedure unless you or your insurer sue each other) where they only need to prove "on the balance of probabilities". So they just need to get a decent body of evidence, maybe quiz a few neighbours, and that's it.

    But you aren't always fronting just because you are the main driver. I am on my parents' policy, but it is their car and I drive it less than they do.

    (Original post by inksplodge)
    Driving = expensive. Get used to it. And don't try and cheat the system, it's pathetic. You wanted to learn to drive, you should have known the responsibility that comes with it. That means paying your tax, your car insurance, etc.
    exactly. Why cant people understand this simple concept??? driving is a luxury not a right. just yet another symptom of the increasing number of people in this generation who believe the world owes them a living.

    From my point of view i cannot afford a car, yet my mum has offered to let me use her car to get to work some days as I work a fair distance from the train station and she cannot always take me.
    Yet it is her car and she will drive it and have the most priority for it, however because I am taking it to work and I am not the main driver makes it not right to do so.
    I think there is a problem with the system over the fact that its 'fronting' if you take the car to work, even if it is not your own car. Yes driving is a luxury, but i don't think it should be a luxury just for the rich as for many to work hard they some how have to travel there.
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