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    Good morning (kind of),

    Ahh I haven't slept at all tonight because I've got cystitis again. I'm guessing it's mostly girls who will know what I'm talking about- needing to pee really badly and it stinging like crazy when you do. I'm going to try and get to the Drs when they open, but in case I can't, does anyone have any suggestions on how to keep the symptoms at bay. I've taken those special sachets and guzzled cranberry juice.

    Also, does anyone else get cystitis a lot? When I say a lot, I mean I probably get in once a month/ once every two months. It's usually linked to sex but not always. I've been referred for a bladder/kidney scan which showed everything was fine and told all the usual prevention type stuff (which I do). I've heard Drs sometimes prescribe antibiotics to be taken everyday to prevent it, has anyone been prescribed these. I feel like that's kind of my last hope but I don't know how willing the Dr will be to prescribe them.

    Urgh sorry if none of that made sense, I blame the lack of sleep and all the pain killers!

    Ah, i have the answer to my question on the other thread. KEEP STRONG SOLDIER. (i'm a bit drunk)

    I feel your pain lovely, i've been there. My chronic cystitis was such that I ended up getting hospitalized for it once (was peeing blood ) as well as a kidney scan I also had a cystoscopy (bloody awful) to check for stones in my bladder (there weren't any.)

    As you probably know all the advice I will just offer you the bits of advice that actually work for me.

    1. Drink water ALL THE TIME, not necessarily cranberry but it won't do any harm. But increase your water intake big time.
    2. Go to the loo before AND after sex. I realise its sometimes hard to time it this but seriously it will make a huge difference.
    3. Have more...gentle sex. I only got cystitis really bad with a particular sexual partner and i think our..energetic sex may have played a part (plus he was quite well endowed)

    I did get put on low dose antibiotics (trimethoprim - you've probably been prescribed it for attacks) for 6 months but towards the end I became immune to them and I can't really tell whether they made a difference or not.

    The best thing i've found that you can do is talk to your doctor about prescribing you short doses of antibiotics in advance so you can treat yourself instantly when you get an attack - i've found this really helpful as the antibiotics are fast acting and it means you don't have to put up with the pain.nuisance of it for long.

    Although I still get attacks now and then it's nothing like the frequency (like you, 1-2 in a month sometimes) I used to, and I put this down to a combination of less rough sex, peeing before and after sex and maybe just growing out of it. It's a bloody annoying thing and I hope you find something that works for you, hopefully it won't be with you this bad forever just as it wasn't for me x

    I know exactly how you feel I had my scan just last weekend. Also found most of the doctors frustrating, asking why I thought I had cystitis again (at one point, I had three bouts of it in a month).

    What I never got with the advice was how on earth can you pee before AND after sex...
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