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    Ok so back story my bf and i had a bit of a rocky start to our relationship and we were on/off the whole time before finally becoming a couple and then breaking up very shortly after. We stayed friends for a while but ended up being at each others throats and he was quite nasty to me (although I can't claim total innocence in the whole thing). We ended things for four months and he went out with another girl.

    However, he ended it with this other girl and realised I was the one and basically came begging for another chance. I loved him and never got over him and we've been back together for two months and he's been the model boyfriend and admits that he's in love etc and wants the whole future with me.

    We told our friends after a few weeks as the first time round they had all got very involved so we waited. However, when i told my friend, M (who was the one i cried to immediately after breaking up cos he never liked him in the first place), he responded with "Excuse me but you've mistaken me for someone who cares". He hasn't spoken to me since.

    He's ignored every attempt of mine to speak to him and for the last two weeks a mutual friend (who was absolutely supportive to begin with) is now ignoring me too.

    Anyway I texted him yesterday saying i thought it was really childish he was giving me the silent treatment and I understand that although he was unhappy I thought he'd at least try and wish the best for me.

    He basically responded that i had "spat in his face" by getting back together with him after what he did and that he thought the only reason i got back together with him was cos i was desperate for a relationship and that's not love (this coming from a guy that's never got past the first date with any girl) so he doesnt want to speak to me anymore.

    It really hurt me he said that as anyone who knew me knows how much i loved my bf and this is gonna wreck my relationship with other mutual friends too.

    I feel so miserable

    He likes you. :facepalm:

    Maybe he's just looking out for you. You came crying to him with this guy being as you said, really quite nasty to you. It doesn't sound like much of a time period has elapsed between the two relationships and he's skeptical. He took all his time out consoling you and et cetera and you probably said such things as 'i'll never go back' and it's frustrating that you've just pretty much gone and done the opposite of what you said you would.

    Or he just really fancies you.

    (Original post by kat2pult)
    He likes you. :facepalm:
    was incredibly obvious

    Girls like you are the problem.

    You are in "love" with a douchebag and then put all of your emotional needs onto one of your friends, then you are surprised when he mans up and tells you to FO.
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