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    Can someone please mark this for me?
    The link to the mark scheme is below. I honestly can not mark to save my life! I've only done section A of paper 1 and when I marked it I gave myself 12/27 marks but I'm probably wrong, I think I got lower. I will be sooo grateful to anyone who marks this! THANK YOU!


    1a) Kurt V's argument in Item 1 is that humans have destroyed the plant Earth rapidly and it is too late to do anything to reduce the effects of global warming. He supports his argument by giving examples of how fast humans have used up the Earth's natural resources, for example he says "The Englishman Michael Faraday biult the first electric generator, only one hundred and 72 years ago" to make the reader understand that mankind has been living without electricity for a vast amount of time, but we are using up fossil fuels for electricity even though people managed to survive without electricity before 172 years ago. He also says "The first oil well in the US, now a dry hole, was drilled in Titusville, Pennsylvania, by Edwin L. Drake only 145 years ago." He uses this fact to make the reader realise how fast fossil fuels have been used up.

    b) The writers of Item 2 try to persuade the reader to support Friends of the Earth by using opinions on the front page from powerful and important people such as Sir David King, the Government Chief Scientific Adviser, Tony Blair and President Jacques Chirac. David King said "a far greater threat to the world than internation terrorism". This will make the reader believe that global warming is very dangerous and they should support Friends of the Earth because the Government Chief Scientific Adviser said it was a greater threat than terrorism which will alarm the reader. On the second page, some of the facts are in bullet points and in bold so that the reader gets the facts straight away and realises how it affects so many people. For example "about 160,000 people die every year" is in bold to catch the reader's attention. This will persuade the reader to support Friends of the Earth because the facts and statistics show how global warming is affecting many people. There is also another opinion on the last page from Maumoon Abdul Gayoon, the President of the Republic of the Maldives who said "As a result of global warming and sea level rise, my country may disappear from the face of the Earth". This is a very emotional and strong statement which will make the reader aware of how global warming is a global issue and everyone should help so they may support Friends of the Earth.

    2a) The designers of Item 2 use presentational devices such as font, colour, pictures and bullet points to get their message across. On the front page the heading "THE BIG HEAT" is written in a font which looks like it is melting to represent how the earth and ice caps are melting due to global warming. On the 2nd page, 2 similar pictures are used, a picture of a man looking cold and standing on a car because there is a flood and a woman in a poor country standing near a water pump due to a flood. The desingers used these 2 pictures to give the reader the message that although these people are living in different countries, they are affected by the same problems because climate change is a global issue. Bullet points are used to give the facts to the reader quickly. The bullet points and some of the headings are in green because green connotes the earth and nature. A picture of a polar bear on melting caps is placed above where the writers asked people to make a donation, so that the reader would feel emotional and want to support Friends of the Earth. On the last page a sunset is used to represent the fact that we do not have much time to help the Earth and everyone that is going to have the biggest impact due to global warming.

    2b) The writer of item 1 engages the reader's interest by beginning with Greek mythology which immediately interests the reader. The writer then continues with different facts which the reader may not have known to engage them. The writer tries to persuade the reader to their point of view by using exaggeration for example "All forms of transportation are about to stop, and the planet Earth will soon have a crust of skulls and bones and dead machinery". This may shock the reader into thinking that there is nothing we can due to help reduce the effects of global warming. The writers of item 2 use facts such as "The European heatwave in 2003 caused 26000 deaths" to engage the reader's interest and opinions such as "alarming and simply unsustainable" from Tony Blair.
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