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People think im an extremely 'experienced' girl, while im the exact opposite watch

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    All my friends assume im some kind of slut whose had loads of boyfriends because of the way i look :/
    But I have never actually had a boyfriend because everytime i seem to like a guy everyone around me just kind of goes 'oh you can do better then that!' or 'eewww why him' (im into the nerdier type) and that just puts me off relationships completely. And the guys i do like are too shy, are surprised when i even so much say 'hi' to them. Even my teachers stereotype me and are always surprised when they find out my grades and my ambitions for medicine.
    Everyone around me is pushing me to be with these knuckleheads who only talk about football and weed and REALLY bore me!

    I've had 'flings' but thats as far as it has ever gone. Besides the way i look im pretty much a really nerdy virgin on the inside.
    And now i have no idea how to get rid of all these 'expectations' and im stuck on a loop hole. I'm even considering to just change the way i look completely (get the glasses on, cut my hair) just to look more approachable to the kind of guys i do like.

    This is anon because i dont want my friends to see this and im pretty sure no one actually cares but i just felt the need to rant!

    and now i feel stupid for writing so much about such a trivial thing - good thing its on anon so no harsh judging :P

    If your friends assume you are a "slut" and have had several boyfriends then their not very good friends and maybe it is your fault for letting them assume this and not having the courage to correct this assumption.

    Secondly, you are foolish for allowing other people influence your decision - if you like a guy, who cares what others think about him being with you. It should be the feelings you both have for each other and the commitment you make, that should be most important to you.

    Also, we are all stereotyped against at some point about something - if you want that to change, then you need to start by doing so with your actions not by transforming the way you look. If you want to do Medicine, then go for it. Screw what others think, you do the work, get the grades and apply.

    Finally, learn to stand up for yourself. It's all well having a rant on TSR but things will only start changing when you make the effort to do so. Correct what your friends think of you, worry less about what other people judge you on and believe that to achieve something you want, is up to you. Not your friends, not your family nor your teachers.

    I'm sorry, but don't care what people think. Rise above it, and ignore them, for you are clearly the better person.


    Buy shirts like this, go to nerdy things like game club. Nerdy guys will come flirt with you, girls are a rare commodity in such communities.
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    Be your own person and rise above whatever stereotype people place on you, you're better than that. Be with who you want to be with and do what you want to do, don't change yourself to fit with what others think of you!
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