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Confidence issue- got an assessment centre on Wednesday- any advice? watch

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    I've got an assessment centre for a relatively high class (4*) hotel in Windermere for a marketing placement on Wednesday.

    I've researched the company and I KNOW I want to get this placement, a lot. I know I have some somewhat relevant experience. I live relatively nearby and I know the people the area attracts and the places of interest there.

    I don't know. I've had a lot of knock backs and rejections from many many company's now. Been to a few assessment centres- had a fair amount of interviews and I try to not let it get to me, but today it really has.

    When I ask for feedback from the people who interviewed me (and rejected) it's always lovely stuff. That I'm creative, entreprenerial, very interpersonal and have good communication manner and shown that I can get things done....but there's always been someone better.

    I don't know what Im doing wrong =[. I know I'm a relatively introverted person but hoho, I've been doing things to stretch myself out and taken myself out of my comfort zone to build on my confidence.

    I've never been scared about interviews before but its starting to affect me and my confidence keeps fluctuating, at a real low point atm.

    Any advice to calm me down, or let me know how you guys are dealing with it all?

    Or just any convo... its only recently I feel like I'm starting to develop a real fear and being drained by this placement search

    The best advice I've been given is to try as much as possible to enjoy yourself. If you are enjoying yourself, that will reflect massively on your body language, personal skills and eventually performance. It doesn't sound like it's competency thing for you, just confidence.

    What I do is to just forget about the job on the day. It sounds stupid (and possibly is) but if your thinking about the job and possibly getting it/not getting it and how great it would be then you lose focus and I've found it much easier to concentrate on the tasks and enjoy myself if I don't think about what I'm there for. Take each task as they come and enjoy them. It really helps if you do nothing the night before, no preparation, just relax and forget about the assessment for a bit.

    I recently passed an AC for a grad job so I'm not saying I don't know what I'm talking about but this tactic worked for someone at least

    Good luck.
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    O well done! =]

    I can see you're making a lot of sense. I was getting very wound up earlier and got myself really distressed, but I've calmed down by taking myself away from it all and just doing something leisurely.

    What assessment centre is that for?

    It's just that I do really want this job, as I guess everyone who applied will do some degree, and the pressure from all the past experiences feel like they surmount and build on top.

    Fingers crossed
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    TSR Support Team
    I had an assessment centre last week. Advice I'd give is to try and enjoy yourself as much as possible. The people there probably won't be mean or nasty or anything like that and they expect that you'll be somewhat nervous. Make sure you know about the company, too; but don't have any rehearsed lines or anything like that.
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    CV Helper
    i always get "you didn't talk enough" "we didn't see much of your personality" >_< damn my disability limiting my ability to actually hear people and interact with them! :tongue:

    in all seriousness, don't take it to heart. if you're nervous it'll show - go in there KNOWING you are the right person for them!
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    Yeah I AM the right person for them =P

    I was just having a confidence knock- it's hard to not feel trodden on from past experience but I know a lot about the company, their competitors and I always do my research

    I just need to prepare a few pretend answers and i should be ok really
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