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    This might be a bit of an odd question and I don't really know the age ranges on this forum (I might be one of the older people here?) but!

    I'm 22 and I've just asked for a consultation with an orthodontist, because I think it's time I did something about my teeth. If you're wondering why I haven't done it before; my NHS dentist told me that I didn't need them, up until I was old enough to pay for them, and only THEN did she tell me I might want to consider it. And in my opinion, they've stayed the same for aaaages and probably could have been fixed on the NHS before I turned 18...

    I do have several crooked teeth that are quite noticeable, mostly at the front, so that's what I want fixed. I decided this now because my friend and colleague who is 30, has braces, and she encouraged me when I asked her about it.

    I know it's going to be expensive, but I have savings for situations like this, and...better now than never, right?

    What I really really wanted to ask (and apologies if this belongs better in another forum) is how it affects your relationships. I have talked through this to a great extent with my boyfriend, who I live with about 50% of the time, and he says it won't bother him (aesthetically?). I want to know how other people have gotten on with it though. Kissing, and the like? Luckily, he's already been through it all and it won't be a case of both of us having them!

    Umm, and any other experiences of living with braces and/or private orthodontic treatment is also very welcome. Thanks!

    Hey! Basically braces stay on for around 2-3 years and probably pretty longer if your treatment is really complicated. I've heard of other treatments apart from braces, one I think was about some sort of teeth shield which pulls your teeth together, but doesn't require you needing braces. You just pop them on and they straighten your teeth somehow.

    Living with braces is annoying, but after a while you get used to it, after you have your appointment with your othordontic doctor, a day or two later your teeth are unbelievably sore and painful.. But hey, no pain no straight teeth.

    The orthodontists recommend you not to drink any fizzy drinks, chewing gum or toffee etc, but I know quite a few people have done. Overall, braces are great, but you'll only really see the effects of them when you come to the end of your treatment.

    Kissing I doubt should really be a problem, unless your boyfriend licks your teeth, which would be pretty strange.
    All the best!

    You can also get your braces on the backside of your teeth nowadays, it's more expensive and you will probably feel it a lot more but at least it doesn't show

    There are adult braces that are barely noticeable, they are probably more expensive and I don't know much about juts remember them being advertised when I had my brace as a teenager. I am tempted to get my bottom teeth redone cos I was really bad at wearing my retainer and they moved back. My top teeth are fine. I am surprised you weren't even offered NHS orthodontics when you were younger, you may not have needed it but you should have had the option. My boyfriend didn't need it but had the option and turned it down.
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