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Relationship & going to the same uni watch

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    Please someone read this and give me a little advice!

    Right, im (hopefully) going to uni next year, as is my boyfriend.
    We both want to do the same-ish thing so its likely we will be applying for the same/similar courses.

    The course i really want to do is quite nearby and could mean me still living at home. Although i could live in halls, its going to be expensive and with the studying costs being up to £9,000 i dont know if i can afford this!

    IF i went to this uni and was living at halls, im pretty sure my boyfriend would want to do the same? But is this too much, living practically together and doing the same course?!

    Yes it would be nice to know someone, as i am quite shy til i get to know someone.

    Im pretty certain me and my boyfriend will still be together, he is quite dependant on me (not in a bad way) so i can't imagine he would be happy if i said i didnt want to live in the same halls building as him?

    Someone give me a bit of help so i can approach the subject with a lot of time! Please!

    I went to the same uni as my boyfriend, doing different courses but I basically live with him and we see each other a LOT.

    I think you really have to look at your relationship and how much time each of you need on your own.
    Living with your partner quite early on in your relationhip (I assume?), especially when youre doing the same course might be a bit intense.
    If you decide to both live in halls and end up doing the same course, make sure you both get your own space, join different clubs/do different sports, and dont just sit together in lectures and not talk to anyone else!

    I did it last year... it didnt work well
    we used to have a logn distance relationship until we moved into the same uni, same course. At first we were together a lot... then he drifted, then I was scared I wasnt giving him enough space... baiscally it all went wrong and we have to see one another every single day for a good 3 years yet....
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