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Why Are There So Many Mixed Raced Relationships Around These Days?? watch


    My girlfriend doesn't even speak english!

    I love it!

    (Original post by TheFlyingDutchman)
    Some people in this thread are pathetic.

    If any of you made these comments at any middle to upper class gathering you would be shunned by everyone there. Which makes me guess that either you have some issues (gf is now in a mixed race relationship etc.) or you're one of these BNP/EDL scumbags that blame multiculturalism for why you aren't successful in life but it's really because you talk like the guy from the EDL video we've all seen and the reason you can't get a job is because you didn't do your damn GCSE's

    The reason there are so many mixed race relationships is simple. Some people are being born in England and they grow up English. My best female friend is going out with an Indian guy who apparently cooks a better xmas dinner than her mum (I know that doesn't = english but you get my drift). A large number of "other races" are culturally British if you ask me, my friends bf is no different to me in terms of traditions etc. He doesn't follow another religion or anything. He has no accent, we eat the same food and do the same things.

    The only difference is skin colour and one of the better things about society these days is that racism is decreasing. I know it will never be gone but most people I know aren't racist and mixed race relationships are pretty common in my community. I'm not in one and never have been but the best couple I know are mixed race, they are literally perfect for each other. In the future if it turns out that a girl of another race is what makes me happy then her race will not even factor into the situation.
    Good post.

    And maybe people are mixing to breed out all the racists on this thread?

    Because it's normal and there's obviously nothing wrong with it? It's amazing how stupid and brainwashed people can be....

    How some people can just follow masses and other's thought like sheep without thinking for themselves.
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