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Would having a mixed race majority be one of the greatest days in British history?? watch

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    (Original post by Computerised)
    2000 years? The Romans left in 407 and the country was still mostly Romano-British until around 700

    You are totally missing the point which is that no matter how long cultures and civilizations exist, they come and go. Nothing lasts forever. If the demographics of the country are changing once more, so be it. Asia Minor was Greek for way longer than it was Turkish, does that mean that the Turks should be kicked out and replaced with Greeks?
    -Roman culture had little influence of britain compared to how long they 'stayed'.
    We didnt adopt latin, and once they left older ways were reverted. The only people who were romanised were a high class of people and also a hybrid of city dwellers.
    But mainly there wasn't any really big social ,ethnic or culture change here.

    To your 2nd point, today is different from all of history, we are more morally advanced , the 21st centuary does not have loads of wars of states trying to conquer each other, so it is wrong to call mass immigration and the unlawful change of a culture (in under 20 years) natural because 'people come and go'

    There's a handy name for this sort of policy, it's called ethnic cleansing.
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