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Clubbing alone? watch

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    (Original post by Anonymous)

    I'm stuck in working all day, me and my first ltr bf split up a couple of weeks ago, he's already romancing someone new.
    I'm heartbroken, going insane stuck inside all day.
    I want to go somewhere new. I want to go to an alternative club in town, and get drunk, and dance like a mad woman, and try and get some male attention to up my confidence. I have never been hit on before, and have been very insecure. Now I want to feel desirable.
    I have no friends where I am, as they all moved away after uni. I hung around for a year for my bf because he wanted to do a course. Now we're split up, there is no-one to ask to come with me.

    Does anyone have any suggestions to do with anything above - advice on clubbing for someone who has never gone before, how to keep safe on my own, how to handle my grief?

    Is it extremely pathetic to go clubbing alone? Is it too dangerous to go on my own?
    Is it more pathetic to stay inside because I have no friends?
    Is it even worth it if I continue to get no male attention, and leave the club feeling even more undesirable than before?

    Hey, I'm in the same situation But not coz i broke up with anyone. My uni is in another city and i go from home so don't really have any friends in the city i live so can't go out. would love to though Try finidng people at work or bieng honest to them that u hardly got any friends where u live...or join some free courses just to get some attentions like free from learn direct that runs in the evening etc?

    I agree with what some others are saying...join:
    A gym
    A class that you may be interested in for example a dance class, art class or whatever...
    depending on how many hours you work- you could get a saturday job in a bar for example where you could definately meet people your age and have people to go clubbing with. If you are making new firends you may not see it as a 'job' if you know what i mean!
    What about visiting a friend for the weekend?
    Clubbing alone would be safe enough if you didn't get too drunk, but I wouldn't recommend it as I do think it's an uncommon thing to do especially for girls, and especially since you have never been before

    Good luck !!

    Don't go alone. It's really dangerous. I'm a responsible drinker, I went out last night, bumped into someone I knew from a while back, he bought me a drink. The next thing I knew I was in the street, clinging to my friends because I couldn't walk, in floods of tears, with no recollection of what had happened for the last half an hour, on the way to the hospital. My drink had been spiked. Without my friends, I don't know what would have happened. I'm really lucky nothing worse happened. The experience of a night out is not worth the risk, doing it alone. Get yourself a bottle of wine and throw on a chick flick

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I'm 22, but look younger.
    From the responses on here.... Seems a lot of people are saying don't go clubbing alone. I think it would be okay if I were to be responsible, but I'd want to get hammered to forget my heartache, so it's probably not such a great plan.
    I'm working freelance, from home, so I only contact the clients through emails. So there's no-one I could meet or ask through work. And I've had so much lately, I've been in working 9 till 9 to get it all done. Apart from when I'm on TSR obviously.

    Still stuck on what to do. Maybe you're right, and I shouldn't go alone. But I really want to let go. I have so much emotion inside me, and no way to get it out. It's okay for my ex, out at uni with his friends every day. But then, I don't want to end up making a bad judgement because I'm in such a mess emotionally.
    I wouldn't go alone.

    Even if you think you'll resist getting drunk at a club the temptation is always there, and you might give in.

    Yes please don't go clubbing alone, apart from the fact it's dangerous, it's also a little pathetic and if you're out to meet guys you may be regarded in a bad way and they might try to take advantage.

    Do you have any family members around your age that you could try and get to know more? People in work? Work nights out?
    It might be safer to just go to your local if you're going alone maybe? Get talking to people in your area?
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    Thank you everyone.
    You are probably all right, and it would be very stupid to go out alone.
    Luckily for me, the impossible has happened! Someone's birthday has come up, and I've actually been invited clubbing! Can't tell you how happy and excited I am. I'm really looking forward to it.
    I've no doubt I'll make an idiot out of myself, but this is really what I need right now, and I'll be doing it in the company of really awesome people. Now I just have to find a suitably awesome birthday present.

    Thanks for all your help. I'm really glad that I was rescued from my downward spiral before I did something I'd regret.
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