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going to a party with the popular people watch


    Just go there, if everyone is drunk all you have to do is tell unfunny jokes and people will think you're a really great guy.


    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I think you mean... :lolwut:


    I'm joking before you kill me with a bin. :rolleyes:

    (Original post by Anonymous)

    basically i've been dating a girl from another sixth form, so i haven't had the chance to meet any of her friends yet. she invited me to a party on friday and i'm really scared about going.

    at my school i'm considered a little bit of an oddball and even though people are waaaay more civil to us now- my circle of friends were the people who were **** at PE and used to get put in the bins by the other kids.

    this girl is one of the more popular kids, a complete social butterfly who is out every weekend. if she hadn't accidentally spilled coffee all over me in the street last month then i'd seriously doubt she knew i existed.

    it's nice of her to invite me and all but i seriously think i'm going to give it a miss. it would be different if she could stick around with me all night but i realise that she needs to socialise and have fun with everyone else there and she can't be holding my hand throughout it.

    i like to think i'm quietly confident but these people are completely different to me. i don't drink and this kid's house parties are legendary for being so mental and her friends are people that i would not usually hang around with. i have the tendency to say the wrong thing or make unfunny jokes and i seriously think her friends aren't going to be forgiving as mine..

    i was thinking about drinking (i have done it in the past, but i don't really like getting ****faced) to give myself a bit more confidence but i'm worried of getting over confident and making a massive tit of myself.

    have any of you been in a similar situation when you've been invited to a party but don't know anyone?

    thanks in advance
    of course i have, i plucked up courage and went there, had a great time and made new friends! you should go to this party. in fact, i'm ORDERING you to go to this party
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    I went to a party last weekend... Around 100 people went, and I only knew about 5 people. Have a laugh, and as everyone else has said-maybe it'll improve your confidence?
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