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    Question: According to Michele Hanson, what could 'today's green consumers' learn from 'Britain in the 40s and 50s?

    and the article is below V


    i'd really appreciate your time, because no one else is helping thank you!

    My answer:

    According to Michele Hanson, 'today's green consumers' could learn from Britain in the 40s and 50s by following the actions that were taken by the society in Hanson's time to make our planet greener. In fact, she gives several examples of how they contributed to make the environment more eco-friendly, such as 're use tea bags', 'leave the heating off' 'wash and re use tin foil' etc. This highlights the importance of how valuable their environment was to them, and how they were able to 'make do and mend' whereas nowadays it's 'don't bother and chuck'.

    i know it's short, and probably won't achieve a high grade atm, that's why i really need your advice on how i can improve.

    and the question is worth 7 marks.

    thank you !

    Well...this feels a bit strange as I've actually done this exam...I can try and help by telling you what I personally did for this question.

    Firstly, what you have written is a good start as you have answered the question and compared attitutes from the 40s and 50s, and today. You have used relevant quotes, but what you tend to do is make your point, give the evidence and then not explain your point. You need to make sure in English exams that you don't just repeat what is said in the text, and that you actually explain either HOW it is said, or what EFFECT it has on the reader.

    So, although it is undeniably quality over quantity, you really do need to write more than that for a 7 mark question. Ultimately you need to aim to make at least 4 strong points in a 7 mark question. Remember, for each point you make you need to do three things:
    a) Make your point,
    b) Quote the evidence
    c) EXPLAIN
    (Our teacher always says to remember 'PEE' - Point, Evidence, Explain')

    Also, because this is a English Language exam, you need to comment specifically on the language used. i.e. hyperbole ("the worst crime is to waste food"), metaphors, similies, juxtaposition of contrasting ideas (to specifically highlight the differences between now and the 40s and 50s), rhetorical questions (to encourage the reader to question their morals etc), lists of three (for emphasis and effect). Remember though, once you have stated the literary technique used and quoted some of the text, you still need to say how she uses this technique to say "what 'today's green consumers' could learn from 'Britain in the 40s and 50s". Make sure you keep referring back to the question.

    Then, still focussing on language, look at the EFFECT the language has upon the reader, ie. is there emotive language used to evoke guilt in the reader and encourage them to recycle more. Or does the language evoke embarrassment that even with the modern technology of today, people in the 40s and 50s were still more 'green' than us.

    Then, if you need another point, you could comment on the TONE of the article. Is Michele Hanson bitter about the actions of 'today's green consumers'? Does she think they could do more? How does she communicate her feelings through the language used in the article?

    I don't have time to read through the whole article now and give more specific points, but if you want any further advice, you can PM me and I'll try to help. I hope it all goes well
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