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Go or not? watch

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    I'm meant to be meeting this girl from Plentyoffish tonight but I'm having doubts now somehow. I'm pretty inexperienced sexually and I don't meet many girls + I lack confidence so I thought I'd try find some casual sex on plentyoffish just to give me a boost.

    The positives I'd get out of tonight would be better sexual confidence/experience and have a bit of fun. But my doubts stem from the fact she's a bit of a hoe which is a turn off. Instead of going for a drink at a pub or whatever she offered me round hers for a drink. She's already said she's met a few guys off POF. She's got a child and on her profile it says she wants children although that doesn't bother me too much. It's more the fact that I'm just meeting this stranger for straight up sex. If I at least had a date and then met her again for another date or whatever it feels like there's at least some sort of standard. But whilst I'm not the sort of guy to regret a one night stand (I'e done it drunk) something about tonight's potential encounter just feels seedy. I think it's the fact that I'm sexless and I'd be going to meet a randomer for sex. It's like an admission of my desperation, that I could stoop to that when most people date the other sex properly first, and others have relationships. Plus the fact the girl is just a hoe herself by the looks of it and she just puts out easily.

    But if I didn't see her tonight then I think when would my next time come and my lack of experience would show me up badly. Maybe I could get some experience first. I don't know but I completely can' t make my mind up and I need to decide soon. Any advice from people who have been in a similar situation would be good.


    It depends if you value your dignity.

    So many roads, so much at stake
    So many dead ends, I'm at the edge of the lake
    Sometimes I wonder what it's gonna take
    To find dignity

    so you want some experience before you have sex with someone just for experience?

    It's not a woman. It's 6 burly men ready to rob you! UH OH SKITTLES!
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