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Is there a link between classical music and level of intelligence? watch


    (Original post by sidewalkwhenshewalks)
    It's one of those things that some people do because they think it makes them seem intelligent/quirky/mysterious. See also

    Pretending to like maths, yet being unable to understand basic concepts
    Constantly talking about zombie/pirates/ninjas
    saying awesome and epic ceaselessly
    reading Freakonomics and suddenly thinking you see deeper into the worlds workings than all the other sheeple around you
    Reading Freakonomics 2 and thinking you see even deeper than the Freakonomics 1 sheeple
    Spouting memes ( THE CAKE IS A LIE LOL)
    Watching the big bang theory without vomiting
    Reposting XKCD comics
    Science is AWESOME
    Riding a bicycle that is designed to be less efficient than other bikes
    Only reading classics
    Watching obscure films they don't enjoy
    ****ging off 'dumb' people
    pointing out other peoples' logical fallacies while (somewhat impressively) creating entirely new and novel fallacies of their own
    Starting >1% of conversations with 'Did you know...'
    on a more general level, they tend to be very closed minded in many areas. 'I only listen to nordic metal because pop music is manufactured garbage and you are all sheeple'
    Having embarrassing hard-ons for Richard Dawkins (OMG HE IS MY GOD LOLOLOLLL)
    Putting the opposite sex on a pedestal for obscure and unknowable reasons
    Saying 'sheeple' (oh god saying sheeple)
    Sticking really hard to one political ideology, particularly extreme ones like anarchism or libertarianism

    Really there are a few different species in this group of poseurs, and the qualities above are a mixture from different species. We have:
    Self confessed science nerd, with figurines, a strong interest in otaku, xkcd, zombie, raptors, games, computing, internet culture etc

    Floaty aloof humanities person, complete with should-be-a-warcrime scarf, ludicrous bike, artificially dogeared copy of something by tolstoy they have never read, underdeveloped ideas about almost everything and the ability to weaponize the words 'identity', 'irony', 'context' and 'meta' in order to suck all reason and meaning from any sentence.

    There are others of course. Briefly:
    Economics student with extreme right wing bent, derides youth and substitutes (unverified blog) knowledge for wisdom
    Medics that somehow manage to be self depreciating and devastatingly smug simultaneously
    The person who claims to have done work all semester, instead concentrating on some other esoteric pursuit, and comes out with a first

    etc etc it goes on.
    No one is that smart. I'm not that smart (spell check was doing some heavy lifting in this post) and you aren't either. Stop being obsessed with trying to look smart and actually learn something. Oh, and redact your proposed thesis on 'Gender context and meta-identity in post colonialist pirate zombie ninjas (LOL) in pre war scotland : A novel approach leveriging free market synergies and closed torus Lie groups' while you are at it.
    To be honest...there is a lot of truth in what you've said, but I also agree with Asbestos P. in a way.

    Yes, some people adopt such methods to 'seem smart' - but I don't think your accusations make you any better. I know you tried to deny you count yourself as smart, but still, telling other people their way of life is wrong and they need to 'stop' - isn't that just implying you know better?

    At the end of the day, all they're trying to do is fit in and be accepted. Which I think is something we're all guilty of wanting in our lives at some point or another. Sure, they may be 'living a lie' or whatever. They might be trying too hard. But that isn't any reason to scorn them or look down on them. Additionally; I don't think your post is very nice to the people who genuinely do have interests in the things you've mentioned; it could be said that you're just telling them they're false and pretentious.

    That might not have been your intention. But it comes across to me that you're heavily stereotyping and grouping a large group of people together as fake posers based soley on a few of their quirks.

    Research has shown that the most intelligent people tend to listen to metal.

    Metal and classical are 2 genres that are very closely related; probably more so than pretty much any other genre.

    Therefore, there's probably a pattern.

    (Original post by Ryall)
    'Simplistic' has negative connotations, I know, but I don't mean it in that way.
    I'm not getting any negative connotations from 'simple'; often simplicity is extremely effective (so long as it isn't overdone). I'm just struggling to think of a single area in which classical music and popular music in general are equally simple.

    There's a great gulf separating your Wagners from your Erik Saties.
    True. But let's have a quick look at Satie's most famous piece, the first Gymnopedie, which I happen to have in front of me now: the opening chord sequence is G major7 followed by D major7. Opening on the subdominant chord is rather unusual for music from any genre, and creates a somewhat bizarre effect when the D major melody enters later. Flicking through, there are all sorts of interesting harmonic and tonal goings-on - parallel seventh chords, tonal ambiguity, modal passages, finishes on a D minor chord certainly not in the opening key etc. Contrast with a generic bit of music from the charts... (and Satie has composed more than the Gymnopedies and the Gnossiennes; look at this for some harmonic variety: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6t4-6n-27As)

    And then if we take Wagner, I hardly need to spell it out.

    Edit: I grant you, there is some popular music which can lay claim to being more adventurous, some of Jeff Buckley's stuff coming to mind here from GCSE music. But I wouldn't put it on the same level as most classical music complexity-wise.

    I don't know whether there's a link, but I believe some people listen to classical music in order to alter their perceived intelligence.

    (Original post by sidewalkwhenshewalks)

    EDIT: Oh perhaps you were talking about loving maths without understanding any basic concepts, sorry.
    I understand basic concepts, and I do my best to follow them as far as I can, but at some point the technicality becomes overwhelming. I at least try.
    Talk of actual maths around one of my stereotyped 'Nerds' is usually interrupted with a math joke repeated from a webcomic, shrieks of I LOVE MATH!! and talk about firefly.
    My previous post was yes to this.
    as an avid admirer of mathematics and it's brutal honesty, I thought your explanation of why you loved it didn't steer too much into clarity, away from those shrieks in Caps you quoted. So I thought you were speaking from some sort of confused high horse... as people do sometimes. I can't see the technicality becoming overwhelming though?
    Alas, if I may try and return this post to the original intent of the discussion (music?), this is one of the finest pieces of writing ever - made me look at maths in a completely new light. Although at first I found the concept of applying maths to art highly irritating:

    I think that people who listen to classical music (people under 30ish) are generally slightly "out there" with regards to their tastes in general. As in, the mainstream music charts never have classical music, and not many young people listen to it, so it takes a leap of individuality to adopt a taste in classical music.

    The leap in individuality tends to also be linked to intelligence - intelligent people are generally a bit quirky, right?

    That's the link. It's not always the case, but that's the link I can see.

    (Original post by thisismycatch22)
    I'll just quote "In the Loop" and say "the only reason you'd listen to this **** is because it's bad form to actually wear a hat that says 'I went to private school'"
    Totally thought of this scene when I saw this thread.


    (Original post by chinaberry)
    but Grade 8ers are definitely smart and they will probably hold a deep appreciation for the "boring" classical music, because their smarts have led them to opportunities which exposed them to the music...etc etc.
    Don't be too optimistic. I know a few grade eights, and most of them have no more than a passing interest in classical music beyond what they happen to play for their grades/in orchestras and bands.

    (Original post by SpiritedAway)
    There was also an article a couple of years back that disproved this hypothesis and said it was heavy metal/rock music which made someone more intelligent. No idea which paper it was though or who researched it . But a google search came up with quite a bit.

    I personally don't think there is a link though since one set of results show one thing and another another thing. Plus, we'd have to be looking at how long they were listening to the music for, the type of education they received, did the child get any out of school tutoring, how many hours a day they were studying, what age they were introduced to the music and influence of a parent i.e. I have grown up with a child psychologist mother, so I know quite a bit of theory in this field. There are really too many variables for such a conclusive study.
    I don't believe that reasearch. I think there is a small link beacause at schools where they have a lot of children living in poverty, they are not likely to achieve high and also are not likely to be able to afford to play instruments. I'm guessing people who play intruments are significantly more likely to listen to classical music. Also, there is still a bit of a class divide from when the music was only for the upper classes which would suggest a difference in educational attainment.

    Its probably a pointless debate though because I am sure we all agree listening to classical music won't make you more intelligent so it doesn't matter what music people choose to listen to.

    I suppose people who listen to classical music are arguable more receptive (rather than judging the whole genre as boring, for example), but other than that, meh. It could also be argued that some classical music fans, who either play an instrument or are interested in reading music (etc), may take more of an intellectual position regarding what they listen to, but the music itself is just music.....

    ....and since music is such a subjective and visceral thing, to question intellect defeats the object

    (Original post by infernalcradle)
    I listen to both....

    does this make me the next einstien???
    It's "Einstein"...
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