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European court gives Cameron ultimatum on prisoner votes watch

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    (Original post by L i b)
    What is far more ridiculous is suggesting that the UK would ever refuse to substantively implement a decision of the European Court of Human Rights. In fact, no country is stupid enough to turn around to a court and say 'stuff you' when they don't like what they hear.
    Why does the court do nothing about much worse offenders then.

    L i b stop talking about how they will kick the UK out - They bloody won't. There are far worse human rights abuses by members of the ECHR and they aren't removed so suggesting that you UK would be kicked out is a load of crap and you know it.
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    (Original post by L i b)
    There is indeed something the ECHR, via the Council of Europe's bodies, could do - kick the UK out. Indeed, if the UK does not comply with a ruling, then that is the only option they have.
    It wont happen though. It may cause a constitutional crisis, but that is not a bad thing if the change that comes can be positive.

    I'm not sure where you get this nonsense, but it's simply not true. Unlike the UK, France was not one of the 11 states mentioned as having "substantial implementation problems" in the Council of Europe's Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights 2010 Report on implementation of judgments. Britain was mentioned over this prisoner voting issue, and the practices surrounding police DNA storage.
    I wasn't specifically talking about the ECHR, but European institutions in general. French farmers are hardly squeaky clean, the there expulsion of the Roma Gypsies a while back (one it was reviled they specifically targeted that ethic group) broke several laws, but I don't see them giving two ****s about it.

    As that number suggests, plenty of countries do have implementation problems: they have not yet complied, or perhaps their domestic laws are poorly enforced and so on. None of them, however, have flicked the V-sign at the court and refused to comply or pay compensation as ordered. That is not some sort of regular occurrence, it is an entirely novel one which would create a European constitutional crisis. The only other occasion where anything comparable has occurred was when Greece denounced the Convention in the 1960s, when it was effectively a military dictatorship.
    They should. National parliaments should take precedence over the ECHR, which is what they are doing when they all but ignore a ruling but claim to do something about it in the future.

    This situation is not comparable with the Greek dictatorship. Parliament and the general public do not approve of this ruling.

    If the only way to resolve it would be to suspend the UK's membership of the Council of Europe, then I have no doubt that is precisely what would happen. The only reason this is unlikely is because no sensible nation-state would behave in such a way.
    A good nation state does not bend over backwards to a group on unelected judges who sit in a forign land.

    Don't do it and any prsioners that sew simply take the money from them and put it towards there prison costs and then tax them when they leave prison untill thye have re-paid there legal fees

    Prisoners should not be allowed to vote.

    I'm a little confused (law student, I'm allowed to be): I thought that the UK Parliament didn't have to listen to ECtHR directives, but generally followed its advice anyway. Why is Parliament now suddenly obliged to follow this ruling?
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