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I'm in need of a lot of help. Hertfordshire VS Portsmouth for Film and Television. watch

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    Hello everyone,
    I have recieved offers from five universities. I have decided that the University of Gloucestershire will be my insurance choice, but choosing between hertfordshire and portsmouth for my firm choice is proving to be a brain achingly hard decision.

    Hertfordshire is 320 points to study Film and Television Fiction
    Portsmouth is 300 points to study Film and Television Production.

    Now both have their good and bad points,
    Good Points (to me)-
    Close to home (I live in stevenage, about ten minutes away)
    Very good course
    Nice campuses

    Bad points-
    It's in Hatfield...
    Bad nightlife (from what I have heard)

    Good Points-
    Good course
    Nice accomodation
    Good night life
    Near the sea and the izzle of wizzle.

    Bad points -
    Haven't heard as much about the course as I have with Hatfield
    I like going out, but I'm not the kind of person who would want to go out all the time

    Oh I dunno people, help me!

    If someone doing the course at portsmouth could tell me about it some more, what is it actually like? Good lecturers? Good equipment? Facilities?

    Should I sacrifice night life for a better course? or vice versa?



    Well Portsmouth is not a very good university at all. Not that it has any relation to your course but the University has such a bad reputation that one of IBM's head offices is based in Portsmouth and they refused to offer places to any of the business students at the University of Portsmouth which does say something. Portsmouth's best academic ranking or should I say least worst academic ranking is 81st out of around 120 educational institutions which is extremely low (Don't take my word for it, look it up yourself). I've never really understood why people seem to think Portsmouth University is a good because it isn't. I have a few friends who go there and this is one of many reasons of why the University is rated so lowly; now if you do go and look for information on the University of Portsmouth yourself you will find that the University wasn't too badly ranked before in the past. Now the reason for this is that they were and still are letting students fail their 2nd years and still be able to go into their 3rd years meaning that their 2nd year becomes no different from their 1st year (doesn't account at all to their final grade) which explains why the institution wasn't too lowly ranked before. What's happening now is students are just failing everything including their 3rd year. I have a few friends who are in this situation and I feel sorry for them because they are delusional as they think that the University is doing them a favour by allowing them to go directly into their final year without even passing 2nd year. Its more of a money making scheme than anything. This so called "favour" might not be handed out on every course. I can't tell you from first hand experience what Portsmouth University is actually like but from what I've seen, students there certainly know how to throw a party. They don't have a campus so the University's facilities are all over the place. You'll be catching a lot of buses depending on where you live. Apparently the business school is meant to be its so called strength. I can't comment on Portsmouth's creative arts facilities but my friend who studies that course there says that they are up to his standard.

    Hertfordshire University is quite a new university in comparison to Portsmouth and its past has had its fluctuations, as has Portsmouth's, but as of now it's academic ranking as a University is 48th out of around 120 institutions with its worst ranking coming from the Guardian, 60th. That piece of information should alone tilt you towards going to Hertfordshire University. The University has amazing and very modern facilities including great facilities for creative arts degrees (amongst the best in the country) and it has 2 great campuses within in very close distance of each other. The area for night life is fairly dull but St Albans is right next door and the University has bus services directly to the clubs in that area and Watford is not far either. I don't really know much else about it. My step Dad did his Masters there and he told me he enjoyed every day of it and today he is extremely successful. Anything else you want to know I'm sure Google can assist you but I'd warn you not to go and look into it too much and don't take what I say into account too much cause at the end of the day what I say isn't written in stone. You need to make your own decision in order to find what is best for yourself and going for an open day at both of the Universities would really help you make that decision.

    Also when it comes to new universities like Portsmouth, Oxford Brooks, University of West England, Hertfordshire etc The Overall Ranking of the University is what you should be looking at and the facilities of the University.

    I wish you the best of luck.

    Hi Sam,

    Did you get to come along to one of our open days at Hertfordshire?

    Hey Sam.

    I'm currently just about to graduate from the Film and Television Prod. Course at Herts. I can tell you what a great course it is but you seem to already know that. It's definitely one that's growing and improving every year, and I think you'd have an even better experience than I have, enrolling in 2011.

    When choosing Uni I actually had to pick between Portsmouth and Herts too. I went with Herts obviously because I learned that the course offered at Portsmouth was far more theory based. I was very keen on production and went with Herts because it was offering 60% or so practical modules.

    Now I'm not sure if this is still the case for Portsmouth but if so it's definitely something to think about. If you want practical Herts might be more suited. And the night life is there if you want it. Check out our Forum. If you have any questions about student experience etc just ask.


    my best friend is at Portsmouth doing the course that you're interested in, and she loves it No exams, lots of hands on practical work, and a lot of good support from what I've been hearing.
    I was at Portsmouth as well and left because I didn't like it as much as her, but I know a lot of people who enjoy it down there. As for the poster above saying it's an awful uni - in some respects, yes, but they're quite well established with their media production courses and have a lot of good links. Accommodation really isn't so hot, though

    Hatfield's not that bad. ^v^ I've been to the university a few times because my mum works there, and from what I've seen it is quite nice.
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