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    Hello All

    I would firstly like to WARN any Future West of Scotland University Students to consider there options very carefully as Academically the University is good but all the other services which you as a student will use and need which are classed as Support Services are shockingly incompitant. :mad:

    If you are a current UWS student and after reading this and have experenced similar problems or abuse please get in contact with me via private message as i am currently involved in gathering this information to submit a collective complaint!!!!

    This quotation is from the UWS Student Servcies webpage which is listed below!

    At Student Services, we offer a wide range of specialist help that can greatly assist your successful progress through University.

    We can help you with:

    * Employment and careers
    * Funding and advice
    * Personal well-being and mental health
    * Enabling Support
    * Child care
    * International student issues
    * Spiritual needs

    Please have a look around our site to find out more about our services and how we can help you to make the most of your time at the University. We'll be delighted to help you as much as we can.


    So UWS advertise as being a frendley open and inviteing institution!!

    This couldnt be further from the truth!!!!!

    The Funding and advice that you recieve is not from a qualified or even trained person it is from a receptionist who gives out conflicting and more often than not wrong information!!

    An example of the level of service recived from different students!!

    A Student asked for advice on her council tax excemption and was told thats nothing to do with us go and ask the council where you stay we have far more important things to be dealing with than this ( The memeber of Staffs attitude and tone where abusive)

    Another Example is when a student asked for a discretionary funds application was told by these receptionists that you can download it from the website the student asked for some help in completeing it due to a special needs requirement was asked why whats up with you then proceeded to discuess the students sensitive information openly and very publically for everyone to hear then to be told no we cant help you with that??

    A Further example was a student submitted a discretionary fund application these same receptionists proceeded to take out all of the students private supporting evidence and openly disscussed them then a few weeks later the student was acused of submitting a fraudlant application as they had lost supporting the evedance even though the student had a witness student services still sayed that they didnt recive it and Student services had actually amended the students application by adding figures to the students expenses section and removing figures this admendment by students services is actually a fraudlant attempt by a memeber of student services staff but UWS openly agree that this happens and is accepted as normal pratice.

    That was solely the Funding and advice section which to summrise a few proplems from these examples are a presistant breach of Data Protection , A Breach of the Equaility Act 2010, Wrong and Misleading information, Further Breach of Data handleing proceduers and Fraudalant activities by the very staff whom you are seeking help from!!!!

    The Enabling Support section is a department which help with students various levels of inpairment that may require a little more help with there academic studies due to an underlyeing condition!!

    This department are an essential support section for lots of students and without them these students would not allways be albe to progress with there studies!

    An example of the level of service that you would expect to recieve!!!

    An arathritic student required a scribe to write down her notes during lecturers this scribe would then word process the notes and forward them over to the student now the UWS timescale for this word processing element is 72Hours (Includeing Weekends) so the Class was on the Monday the Student should recive the notes no later than the Wednesday!! This students notes wouldnt turn up for a least 5 Days and sometimes they wouldnt turn up at all so after raiseing this problem with the Enableing Support department the student was told there is nothing we can do all we can do is ask them ( Even though this UWS employee is paied to do a job they cant make them do there Job and if the notes dont turn up there is nothing they can do)!!

    Another Student was verbally abused by a memeber of the student services reception staff for asking for a handout on a different coloured paper when he spoke to the enableing support team he was told yes i know you are ment to get all handouts and douments in a coloured paper due to your condition but all we can do is ask them nicely!!!

    Various students have had presonal information reguarding there conditions and support requirements sent to other students by mistake by this department when this has been raised the students have been told well i dont know how this had happened can you just destroy that letter then and we will try to make sure it wont happen again but it keeps happeneing still!!!

    That was solely the Enableing support section which to summrise a few proplems from these examples are a presistant breach of Data Protection , A Breach of the Equaility Act 2010 but they do not adhear to there own policys even though they recive a vast amount of extra funding per student who is registered with them to help with there additional support requirements!!!

    Now i could go on and on this is just a few examples of the treatment of students they students are made to suffer the consiquences of this so called support service! these consiqueinces directly due to this department have ranged from poor academic preformance to made to feel worthless and right through to explusion from the university due to this department breaching various laws but these people are not held accountible!!!

    If you are a current student please please please get in contact as i would like to hear your experences if your a future student BEWARE as there is a very high chance that you could fall victim to this departments abuses??

    Thank you for reading this!!!!!

    Which campus are you on? The only thing I've found wrong with Paisley so far is that the Union security on Friday nights are too hard on people (my boyfriend has a bad shoulder, he lifted me up so that I could look for our friend and a security guard tightly grasped his sore shoulder when a simple tap on the back would have been fine)

    By the way, the only case I've heard of like the ones you have mentioned is one based on council tax where my boyfriend was told the couldn't exempt him since he wasn't a student (he is, but since he came from Glasgow Caledonian and started in 2nd year, he was still classed as GC)
    I haven't heard any others, so where are these people who have been ripped off by the university? Why aren't they speaking out? If there is such a "high chance" of it happening, why aren't there more of them?
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