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    okay so when I chose to textiles in year 11 the course was cancelled because only 5 people wanted to take the subject, so ive skipped GCSE and gone straight into a-level, so im pretty clueless as to what to put in my coursework! the subject teacher has just sent us away telling us to do the following pages, which not much help atall:

    - Toile/modelling - i assume this is how it was done and what was changed?
    - Construction and fabric samples - this seems pretty straight forward.
    - Layplan and costing chart - what do i write?
    - Then shes put to do a page including care label, for the product (I made a maxi dress) social and environmental issues and manufacturing methods.
    - Production diary - this seems straight forward i have photo's which i can annotate.
    - Evaluation.

    if you could give me some examples as to what to put i would be grateful!

    Hey I'm currently studying A2 textiles so hopefully I can help a little bit! I didn't do GCSE either and I definitely know what it's like to have a teacher who is hardly any help at all this last part of the coursework is the most boring in the my opinion!

    - Toile/modelling: You seem to have it covered for this. Personally I would do it a bit like a diary. Include photo's for each stage of making your toile (if you have any) then explain what you did for each stage. You could also add any problems you came across like you said and how you resolved them. For example, something you had drawn in your design didn't turn out right when you modelled it and perhaps you had to alter it.

    - Construction and fabric samples - This part can be really important, lots of marks available here. To expand you could work on development of certain areas of your dress. If there is any surface decoration on the dress, try it out in loads of different ways to see which one works the best. If the dress has any unusual construction details, try it out in a few different ways see what turns out best.

    - Layplan and costing chart - I'm not entirely sure what you mean by a layplan, we must do something different. However, a costing chart is pretty straightforward, just create a table of all the fabrics and components you used to make your dress, and then state where you got them from, and how much they cost you. Then total it up underneath.

    - Care label - Grab a load of examples to include before creating your own care label. This should be easy enough if you've researched into the fabrics you've used for your dress.

    - Social and Environment Issues - You probably don't need to do too much for this, you just need to show that you've considered it in your coursework. You could think about:
    - fabric sources (natural or synthetic) - synthetic fibres come from petrochemicals which come from non-renewable sources.
    - Waste fabric left over from creating a product which could end up in landfills.
    - Manufacturing and finishing processes use chemicals which are damaging to the eniviroment. E.g dyes etc
    - Caring for textile products requires detergents, energy and water etc.

    - Manufacturing methods - You could think about how your dress would be made in industry. Look at different types of production (one-off, batch production, mass production) and think about which would be most suitable (think about how many components there are to your dress, the more complex your design the less likely it is to be mass produced).

    - Production diary - This is basically what you said, do it a bit like your toile/modelling diary and definitely include photos!

    - Evaluation - Just sum up what you did. Talk about what went well and which parts of your dress you are most pleased with. Then talk about anything that didn't go so well and any changes you had to make. Also, you should say whether you would do anything differently if you were to do it again. Include photos of your finished dress somewhere too.

    Hope this helps a little bit. If you need any more info let me know.
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Updated: April 14, 2011
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