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Housemates never clean up watch

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    OK, so I'm living in a house with 7 people. (All guys) 3 of them are my mates, 2 of them I get along with fine, but then the other 2 I really can't stand. Outside one of their rooms it is an actual tip...I mean I wouldn't be surprised there's a rat hiding in amongst all the **** outside the room.

    However the thing that annoys me the most is that like every few days or so, they'll have mates over in the living room (all smoking weed) and the living room/kitchen can go from being tidy to a complete tip, with cigarette ends in all the glasses, empty pizza boxes all over the place etc. I've just spent the last hour and a half cleaning the entire living room/kitchen when I could be doing something better with my time.

    Also, they've nicked a sofa from downstairs and put it in one of their rooms. Now I hate being a grass - I mean personally I've got nothing against people that smoke weed, but I'm tempted to tell them that either they clean up after themselves (and bring the sofa back down) or I'll tell the people that own the house that they're smoking weed in the living room.

    Good idea or not?

    good idea, that is not on at all. you will end up getting the blame for it. some people are pathetic and need to grow up

    I'd say bad idea, do you really want to share with people who hate your guts? Can you say something to your friends, then you'll outnumber the messy ones, or just stop tidying and don't let it bother you? Have you asked them nicely at all?

    Yeah fukit, they're being selfish pricks. I wouldn't usually condone dobbing people in but you shouldnt have to suffer because they're being slobs and not pulling their weight.

    ask them to tidy and return the sofa and ask them to smoke outside you'll loose your deposit too!, its amazing how it works they may get pissy and moody but chances are they will do it, ok they may do a half arsed attempt which needs you to go round after them but something will be done

    i do love all my housemates but the one my god!
    she cant tidy, she cant cook (after which she doesnt wash up!), she soaks the floor after shes had a shower if she had showered on the floor not in the bath it would be the same, the first time i got a bit ggrr about it and said something to her she went and bought a mat, and it was ace for a month or so nice dry floor, that has ended now i just ask her to go mop it up every time ... which she does has also decided i hate her though espeically since the worst thing of all she got hair dye on my giant rubber duck :'( i asked her to replace it (i was a little drunk at the time but i was very polite) and she cried like proper crying, we could hear her from down stairs :| but meh should be more careful! my poor rubber ducky has brown splodges :'(

    asking works wonders
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