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the perks of being a wallflower watch

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    for those who have read it, just wna have a chin-wag about it really. Was in a really sombre mood 2day, so picked this book up which i bought few weeks ago and read almost half. Nearly had me in tears some parts, especially the poem, that was like a dagger to the heart. Such a good read, it actually reflects a lot of my life, never really been loved or loved before, being an introvert and all, im abit of a pothead too. Similar to Catcher in the Rye which is also one of my fave books, and not to mention the Smiths being one of my fave bands. Chobsky got it so right when writing this book, even though he was 30 at the time.

    Sorry I dont really have any point to make, just wanted to express my feelings to such a great and poignant piece of work.

    I HATE that book, with a passion.

    I bought it off Amazon a couple of years ago after hearing such rave reviews from people my age about it. I read it, thought it was okay but nothing special, then put it on my bookshelf and forgot about it.
    I cleared my bookshelves out a bit last summer and picked it up and reread it.

    Honestly, it's a really bad book.
    It's cliché as ****.
    I know it's meant to be written from the perspective of the boy Charlie, but the style annoys me.
    It's uninteresting. Lots of things happen in it, but mostly because the author is just throwing everything and the kitchen sink at the protagonist. Suicide and social awkwardness and family issues and death of a relative and going through puberty and drugs and sex and molestation, all in one school year. Overkill.

    It's quotable, sure, possibly to the point where the quotes are overused, but that's about the best I could say for it.
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    but its down to earth, its how a teenager coming to terms with life would articulate his feelings. Thats my opinion anyhows.
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