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Phobias: Do you have any? watch


    (Original post by SuperiorHuman)
    Maybe its because of watching too many action movies :confused:
    Nah I love action movies, the more asplosions there are, the better

    getting too attached to someone
    being hurt again

    (Original post by Insanespana)
    I'm glad there are others here with emetophobia, as even though I know it's quite common I'm still yet to really meet someone else like me. Some people hate seeing people be sick or pictures/sounds/smells etc, some hate being sick themselves, I hate EVERYTHING to do with it.

    I actually have a panic attack if I start to feel properly nauseous, I can cope with the sort of sick feeling from bloating but that's about it.

    I avoid anyone who says they've been sick recently (and also have to clarify what they mean by 'sick'), I constantly use antibacterial hand gel, I cope with public transport ok, but if someone was sick near me I would freak. I hate films where people are sick, I can't stand other people who I live with being ill (my house mate I lived with last year had her boyfriend over a lot and he was sick all the time - and I could hear it, it absolutely tormented me every time).

    I don't drink a lot either because I'm scared of hangovers.

    I want children, but although I personally think I could cope with morning sickness (as I'm pretty good at not being sick, I think I'd just fight it) I don't know how I'd deal with my children being sick, especially then making me sick too.

    I'm also worried about living together with my boyfriend (which we'll hopefully do after I graduate) as if he's sick I won't be able to look after him, or even want to be near him. For that reason where ever we live must have two toilets.

    Sorry for the ramble, it's just nice to know others understand....
    I'm so glad there are actually other people with this - I've never met or even heard of any who has it, even though its supposedly a more common phobia.

    It affects my eating, as I'm scared that if i eat too much or the wrong foods (eg out of date or undercooked) it will make me sick.

    I have a phobia of most insects, but I love spiders, moths scare me, daddy long legs, bees, wasps, flies. I also hate clowns.

    This may seem weird but I have a phobia of burgulars. I once watched crimewatch & it was a reconstruction of a burgulary. I didn't watch all of it as I couldn't bear to watch it. (The burgulars had an iron.) I can't watch crime watch now or tell the story what made me scared of bergulars in the first place as I get creeped out. When I am home alone, I jump at any sudden noises & always have all the lights on.
    I also don't like spiders. I was playing the double bass the other day & one came onto the finger board! I jusr put the double bass down & left. I don't kill spiders.
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