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problems with ex girlfriend watch

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    Hi, this is a really weird situation I'm in...

    Basically, my ex girlfriend was also my first, I was 16 when we first started
    Going out and she was 15, we went out for about 5 months untill early
    February this year. Well I guess being older than her (I turned 17 last year) meant that I took the relationship more seriously than she did, but she didn't feel the same or so she says and broke up with me in february. What hurt me most was that in hindsight I realise she treated me very badly - always flirting with other guys and towards the end of the relationship even taking ages to reply to me because she was on the phone to this other guy she'd met recently.

    Because we had mutual friends and used to go to gatherings most weekends together with about 10 of us I wanted to still be able to do this. But I realised that this would not be possible after going for the first time after breaking up. This gathering was at one of the people's houses we hadn't been to before, and I had to arrive late because I got back from my job late. I texted the guy and he said they'd come and meet me at the station because I didn't know where his house was. When I got there, my ex and him were there holding hands.. That's the memory that will stick in my mind forever and left me heartbroken, she knew it would make me feel awkward. Later that night they ended up getting with eachother upstairs and then slept in the same bed while the rest of us slept downstairs ( they didn't do anything except kiss I've found out though)

    Before that, we hadn't talked much, she always initiated conversation, but we were what I'd decsribe as 'ok' with eachother. I quickly realised that we wouldn't be able to be friends as I couldn't see her like that. Because it was during half term at the time, she kept asking to meet up but each time I made an excuse to not. Later that week I found that shed been *****ing about me behind my back for a while, and that's when we just stopped talking ( we had a small argument over text) that was about 7 weeks ago, since then she tried to start conversation every couple of days and yesterday asked to meet up again.

    I've lost all love I had for her after what she did to me, and its now got to the point where I can't stand her. We go to different schools but live about 10 minutes from eachother so not too far away. I know she misses me because she still tries to be friendly and begged me to stay friends when she broke up with me. Last night she randomly texted me and asked if I regretted going out with her, which I replied 'I guess not really' and she said that she didn't regret going out with me. I think I was a bit too nice to her though, and I still don't want to be friends with her. She said it was good that we talked properly again and that we should talk more. Usually I'm very blunt when she tries to talk to me, but now its just got to the point where I don't want to talk to her, I just want to move on.

    I'm trying to think of a way of saying this to her, would that be a fair thing to do considering our past? And I can't tell if she still actually likes me or just sees me as a friend now :/

    Maybe you should just stop all contact with her, for a while at least. Delete her from facebook and meet friends when she's not there.
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