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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    it is ive been in it, ive slept in it, ive eaten in it, ive practically lived in it for the past 20 years, i want to get out of the friendzone with girls that i meet who potentially would be partners!!! lol , so just maintain an elusive interesting image and i can stay out of this hell hole with this girl lol.
    Yes, invite her to a few parties, talk to her irregularly, make sure you have interesting stories when you do. Pursue other girls frivolously. You get in the friend zone by talking to her too much, don't do that.

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Yh but the question is to avoid the friendzone if she ever does break up with her boyf!! Thats all im coming from here, avoiding the friendzone, its happened many times before and i dont want it to happen again!! Why should every fit girl that I meet "Inevitably" as someone so elegantly put it, should end up in the friendzone??
    How does one avoid that without breaking them up, as one poster said, if i can make it happen then surely someone else could to me.
    For god sake man, you can't just hang around in hope that she breaks up with her boyf. If you aren't going to tell her outright that you like her and just hang around like a puppy dog then you are destined for friend zone hell.

    In my opinion you should keep your distance somewhat. Be interested by all means, it's alright to let her know that you quite like her, but make sure that she knows that you are actively on the hunt for other women.

    It is quite possible that you could be a best friend to her and suddenly she realises that she likes you more than your bf, unlikely, but possible. People have crushes in relationships and if they are in secure ones then they get over them. So it is possible that she could become attached to you and want something else, whether this is you on the side or to be in a relationship with you.
    Just don't be the mug that does jobs for her at work etc whilst she is taking time off to shag the bf.
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