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Have I had too many lessons? watch


    well, can you drive?

    if no, then no, you need more lessons.

    if yes, then hurry up and take your test

    i lost count of how many lessons i had.

    could be anywhere between 20 and 120
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    About 40 hours of lessons, about 3 hours practice with parents

    Passed first time

    I think the national avg of taking a test is after 35-50hrs lessons depend how quickly can you pick up.. i think i had roughly 40hrs lesson too..

    (Original post by Wooah)
    Basically I have been learning with an independant driving instructor and have had around 37 hours of driving tuition now.

    My test is booked for June and I usually have 1 lesson a week - so by the time I take my test I will have had well over 40 hours of lessons which is working out very expensive

    I keep hearing people who have 7 driving lessons and pass their test which I don't understand how as I still don't feel I am fully prepared especially driving in the city with all the confusing lanes etc whilst controlling the car/ gears etc

    Maybe I am just realy bad at driving and should have learnt in an automatic :/

    How many hours of lessons did you have to pass your test?
    Someone I knew did it in 15 lessons or so in 6 weeks, but they did motorcross so they were used to having people around them in a vehicle etc, confidence and all that, so it depends on the person, and if they like motorcross and go karts :P

    It's taken me ages - I find driving really challenging. I'm hopefully taking my test in june [got it booked, eep] but I started learning when I was 18 [I'm now 21] but my instructor was a real shouter and when I left for uni I didn't continue, and when I finally decided to start learning again it's taken me a couple of months to get my confidence back up - my last instrcutor really ruined driving for me.

    I think it's more about makin sure you feel happy in a car and in driving than in how many lessons you require. It's far better to have hours more on the road then pass your test and not actually be that good a driver but think 'well at least I saved a few quid'. It's not something everyone finds easy, but some people do have the knack for it. Doesn't matter if, like me, you really don't. Practice and hard work will produce the result we want in the end.
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