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    2012 Scottish university education doesn't look too good? It seems like no one is willing to accept the gravity of the funding shortfall there'll be soon and a drastic shake up will take place more likely for worse. I guess maybe after May 5th things'll be cleared up slightly but the road ahead looks grim especially if the universities are to maintain quality higher education.

    Just a thought maybe someone else has a clearer idea. I really wanted to apply to a Scottish University for 2012. As far as I know it'll cost 6k a year for a potential English applicant (like me) but the funding shortfall may even reduce the four year degrees to three years or call for other measures.

    If it's any consolation to you, I think the era of free Scottish education is coming to an end. It's one of the SNP's core election policies but it's not sustainable and to keep it going there will have to be cuts elsewhere, not to mention that Labour have apparently got vague plans to bring back tuition fees in Scotland.

    I don't think things are looking too rosy right now, but that's true across the whole UK.

    I think there will be changes but if you look at how many people are going into university in Scotland the numbers pale in comparison compared to England, they have millions we have hundreds of thousands and with wages at the same level as england and a lower threshold to pay the loans back Scotland is in a good position. Charging overseas student a higher rate is a good policy.

    One way to solve the problem is to have more linking between colleges and Universities. Alot of colleges and Unis are providing the same syllabus in first and second year, linking these together and proper uni-college partnerships would help. Maybe everyone doing at least 1 year at college then a further 3 years at Uni but that requires a significant change in syllabus for colleges and Uni's.
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