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    Hi , basicly I'm finishing up my first year at Univeristy living about 4 hours away from home (Glasgow) . Its been a tough year , my flatmates at the begining didn't get on well with eachother so my flat was full of arguments and I became very depressed and homesick. I didn't like the city and the halls were isolated so I couldn't escape all the shouting in my flat.

    This prompted me to put in a UCAS application to transfer into second year at Strathclyde Uni. Near all friends andfamily. However as this year went on I moved halls to live with my friend from home and her flatmates. Whilst this made me happier at uni I stil didn't settle to well. I got an unconditional to transfer but ultimately deceided that it'd be hard to fit in to a course if I'd missed some things in first year and joining in second year would make it hard to meet people (something I even found hard in first year. This bummed me out because I still loved Glasgow so much more over my current university city.

    However today the university contacted me to say that instead of a second year transfer they were offering me an unconditional place in first year. This is a big game changer as it puts at ease any concerns about being in different boat from people academically and socially at Strathclyde .

    I'm now desperate to move universities as I want to be closer to my family as a few family members I'm extremely close to have became ill recently. Also some of my family work in what I'm studying (law) and have offered me work placement if I'm in Glasgow. Just the thought of living in Glasgow and not my current uni city makes me feel so happy and excited , as opposed to living in my current city , which makes me want to cry.

    But the big problem is that I agreed with my best friend last month to move in with her. We've not found a place to live yet but she's looking up places and doesn't have any other people she knows well enough to stay with. everything but I feel so awful about potentially leaving her I feel like the worst friend ever for even considering moving back to Glasgow and leaving her.

    But on the other hand the thought of moving back up to Uni makes feel ill and the thought of living there for 4 or so years and missing out on seeing my friends and family in Glasgow has actuall left me crying all day. I know I'd just spend those years counting down the days between my trips home.

    Basicly I'm just looking for some advice , am I a horrible friend for considering moving even after i said I'd live with her? I feel torn between not abandoning her or living in a city I really like , being close to my family and job oppurtunites. I know if I chose to move she has every right to be angry with me as what I'm doing is probably unfair , but I just know the University and city I'm currently at are just not for me.

    Sorry sorry sorry for such a long post but this news I got today has really left me agonzing over what to do all day. Any advice about whether or not I'm being horrible or how to deal with this situation would be lovely , thank you.

    You do what YOU have to do. Put yourself first.
    I think you should go back to glasgow. Your friend might be a bit annoyed at first, but she'll get over it... and if she doesn't, she's not worth it.

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