A2 Psychology Coursewrk! Need Help!!!

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Ive left my psych coursewrk kinda 2 the last minute but im really trying to get stuck in.

my topic is if contact with the mentally ill produces less prejudice attitudes. I used a likert scale to test this one group who had contact with the mentally ill, the other without.

Im not sure what extranous variables i could include in my courswork.

also what do i put for my sampling group and design.

i think its just independent grouping, but im not sure about the sampling. does it make no difference that there are two groups would it just be oppertunity??

One last thing is it just a lab study for the experimental method?

I really would be thankful for these really simple answers, id ask my teacher but id get in soooo mucj trouble for leaving it l8!!


tHANX nat

PS one last thing, is the the data nominal??
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You can always look at the participants to find a great deal of extraneous variables - age, gender, culture - these can all effect the results. You could also say that prejudice changes may differ depending on the type of mental illnesses. Maybe the closeness of family relations to the mentally ill could affect the results.

Your sample group would be relatives of the mentally ill and those not related to the mentally ill. Try to give an exact number of participants used in each group. If you know the gender of each participant say how many males and females were present in each condition, if you know the culture mention that, occupation and age also.

The sample design is an independent sample as the groups only do one condition.

The sampling used is how you asked participants to participate in your experiment. Opportunity is when you just grab people who are available. Random is when you randomly pick people, self selection is when people agree to participate, quasi-random (I think) is when you split the participants into groups (eg related to mentally ill and not) and then randomly choose participants from each group to participate. I cant help much without knowing how you choose the participants who were in your groups.

Just lab study is fine for an experimental design. Remember that you can get other extraneous variables from the design of an experiment. A lab experiment, for example, lacks ecological validity.

I would say that the data you collected is ratio as the values given have a true zero point. They cant go into zero values like data values can.

Hope that helps.

Helen Brownsell
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