Why do girls give the cold shoulder/silent treatment for no proper reason?

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I started a new job about a month ago, everything with the job is fine (pay, working hrs, etc). This is a small company with very little of a social atmosphere in work hrs (unless we go to the pub etc).

However, theres a woman working there who is probably a few yrs older than me (I'm 26...shes probably 28 or 29). Out of the 4-5 girls in a company with about 40 guys, she is probably the hottest who all the guys probably have an attraction to. We all went to the pub the other week, and me and her chatted. She took some interest in me (e.g. asked me if I had any traumatic experiences when my friend We share some same and very similar values, and we generally had a good chat (and I really mean that). At some point, where she acted like she was hiding something by twitching (likely about her family as the conversation was largely about that but it could be anything).

However, the next day, I get the silent-type of treatment/cold shoulder. Not much conversation from her or greeting (morning/bye etc), etc. Except for both of us asking how each other's weekend was at exactly the same time, nothing else apart from that.

To perhaps make things a problem, I send a txt to her work mobile about a non-work matter (But not flirting or anything like that), about something spoken about in the pub hrs earlier (after this, the silent treatment/cold shoulder took effect). She does show txts to her manager as these are just a form of communication within the company (though the txt is innocent enough I'd have to have an uptight manager if he care'd), hopefully this doesn't haunt me.

Why is that, even as friends, girls give you the cold shoulder? I don't even if she has a partner or not, etc. I don't expect people to say "oh she likes you", in fact it'd be hard to give a 100% answer on the information I can provide, but some idea would be good. I know very little about her personal life so can't say if she is like some sort of whore but she doesn't seem like it in personality.

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Maybe she's just not interested in you, even in the way of friendship. Could be a possibility.

All sorts of personal reasons could be involved, such as not wanting to get too close due to previous bad experiences, not feeling she has time for another friendship, anything.
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You shoudn't ask her about her family. Next time, if you ask a girl some questions, make sure it's not too personal. Some women are very open to share about their family and some are not. So, maybe this was the reason why she's giving you the cold shoulder. Sorry if it took 9 years to answer this question.

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