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Although I usually come to this forum to have a read around, since joining, I'm not too sure where to post things, so sorry if this is in the wrong section!

Okay, I have my Media Studies AS exam on May 17th, and I am freaking out.
I have to do a "cross-media study" for Section B of the AQA Media Exam on media texts that are all similar and are taken from the three major media platforms: broadcast, print and the internet.

I have NO idea what to do, and I have little time to revise everything!
I hope someone else out there who is also in my position will be able to shed some guidance on what to do!

My teacher is LITERALLY the worst teacher ever; she has no idea what we have to do and does not tell us anything. I have spent days searching online for some help on this, but couldn't - this is the next best place I could think of!

Please help me guys!
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This is the link for the AQA specification, if you look on page 7 it highlights the cross-media topic areas.
I am a Media Studies teacher but I don't actually teach this syllabus so I'm not 100%, however, from reading the spec it would seem to me that the Broadcast or film-fiction topic might be a good one as it gives you plenty of opportunity to talk about the changing media (internet, smartphones, TV on demand, etc) and the pros and cons of these advances in technology; such as over exposure and piracy.
It would also be a good topic to talk about audience and the changing habits and perceptions of contemporary audiences. A couple of theorists that might be good to mention in conjunction with this could be Dennis McQuail who talked about Uses & Gratifications theory (google it if your not sure) and Robert Allen who talked about how different media platforms position an audience in different ways, he was referring to the difference between TV and film and how film (cinema especially) more easily draws the audience in at the diminishing of everything else, but you could easily adapt this to talk about how different contemporary media platforms further diversify how an audience is positioned. We may watch a film on a phone very differently to how we watch it in a cinema.
I really hope you've been able to get some help for this.

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