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thread which does what it says on the tin really!

was watching some coverage of the american fascination with the royal wedding and the bbc described america as "an aspirational society" in which a (relatively, very very relatively) rags to riches story captures the imagination.

Looking at the bbc comments on hys and alot of posts of the student room there seems to be alot of negativity surrounding the royal wedding, and i was wondering if this is because we dont "aspire" in the same way americans do? or are americans naive?

my personal view is there is a strong academic argument based of the lack of meritocracy involved in the royal family (though i would submit that the culture and history of the royal family merits its continuance). However there does seem to be a rather nasty culture of "jealousy" running through britain at the moment.

alot of "why are we spending our tax money on this?!?!", and a general dislike for anyone who has any assets. I come from a working class background in newcastle, i went to a run down comp with over 60% EMA at 6th form level and where the gcse pass rate it around 38%, but i managed to get into oxford and i hope to be a lawyer at a top firm.

what saddens me is that i know alot of the people i am friends with and who i grew up with would **** off the category, bloody bankers, bloody lawyers, bloody toffs etc.

I got to oxford, I had never seen the world, I was sat next to people whose fathers had paid for their "gap yah" who went on weekend skiing breaks whenever they fancied etc, yet i was never jealous, i never thought "bloody private school prats", it inspired me to want it myself and for my children.

I get the feeling it is a similar mentality from the average person who ****s off bankers to those who hate the royal family. I am generalizing in respect of the "common man" rather than the people who have a principled and studied view on the matter.

I know there is a left wing arguement against bankers taking excessive risks and damaging the economy, i know there is a republican academic arugment and I know they may be valid and deserve debate, and this isnt a post just trying to dismiss them as "jealousy"

I would argue that the man in the pub in newcastle, who probably couldnt follow a debate if his life depended on it, and hates those bloody polish for stealing his jobs and the bankers for cutting his benefit, and the royals just coz, IS jealous however.

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