How do you revise for content modules? Watch

Phil Simmons
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Hi, I was just wondering how people revise for content modules? (Not sure if they're called that in other unis, but it means all of the literature film etc modules, as opposed to language modules)

I always do all of the further reading, revise all of my lecture notes and manage to remember all of it and write it down in the exam, but always end up getting 55ish...

Do you use quotes from the further reading in your answers?

I have been revising for the last few weeks, but it feels like whatever I do and however much I remember I'll never manage to get a good grade.
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I too have some problems with these sorts of exams... I'm fine with essays, but as soon as anything requires me to remember certain dates and facts, it all goes out of the window! I find it pretty difficult to revise in general though, as I find that it doesn't help me all that much...

I'm surprised that you're still getting those sorts of marks if you really are doing all of the reading as well as revising your lecture notes. Have you tried to talk to any of your lecturers for those modules? Perhaps your style of writing doesn't present your knowledge in a very coherent/readable way? Do you plan your answers before you start writing? If you're revising all of the relevant information then those are the only possible reasons I can think of right now... I definitely think you should ask your lecturers for some advice - I know for a fact that my lecturers would be perfectly happy to tell me where I was going wrong if I were in your situation.

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