Is this society to het up over immigration? Watch

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Shouldn't we as a people simply state that any immigrant to the country should:

- Speak fluent English
- Abide by UK norms when being a citizen here

We frankly are being a bit foolish by embracing multiculturalism. I think in honesty this stems from white guilt, since most other cultures in the world are steadfast in protecting their own culture. If one lives in India as a foreigner, one is expected to abide by Indian culture. the same applies to China, or Japan for example.

If forcing immigrants to live by UK standards is "racist" (well racism is just an airy-fairy PC ideal, promoted by 1960s intelligista, but I'm digressing), but so what? Human nature is that humans are protective of interests and we often are resistant to change.

This doesn't mean only white people should come here. But even if a white person seeks to speak only German, French, Polish, Spanish, etc. then deport him/her and revoke his/her citizenship.

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