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Right so I'm a mix of extrovert and introvert. Sometimes people tell me "Why aren't you talking today" (Because I normally talk). These people are normally of my age group/friends/younger people.

But when it comes to older people like my mum's friends and distant uncles and people who are already in careers etc. I seriously have no idea how to engage in a long conversation. I mean I'm 17 so I don't know what they would like to talk about. Like recently I was in a car with a friend of my mum's and I had never met her before. It was a 5 minute ride and her and my mum and the other ladies in the car were talking about some dress. So I was just playing Lumines on my phone. As I got out the car she asks what my name is so I mention my name and say Hi. And she says "He seems quiet". Seriously....why?

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