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#1 is having a really hard time atm. his dad was diagnosed with cancer and his mum is suffering depression. I'm trying very hard to be there for him and i do understand as depression is very common in my family and my mum had cancer a few years ago.

But whereas usually we'd see each other a few times a week now we're down to once basically. we've had an hour alone in two weeks and he keeps having to cancel plans cos one of his parents need him.

I really miss him but feel guilty about missing him cos i feel like that's putting pressure on him.

Our relationship had never been that smooth and we broke up for a while getting back together a couple of weeks before his dad was diagnosed and its been two months and we're absolutely insane about each other. but i feel like things were finally going well for us and it just feels like a struggle.

I'm trying to be there for him but i miss him and don't know whether to tell him he that i need him too...he's stressed out all the time. i just want to make every better for him
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If he's the type of person who keeps his problems to himself and needs some time with his family, then just be there for him when he contacts you. It might feel a bit one way, but as long as there's some form of contact between you and things are okay generally, I think you should give him all the space he needs.

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