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Animal testing to help cure diseases watch


    (Original post by Laura_M)
    Not sure if I've posted this in the correct forum, but anyway...

    Animal testing was being discussed in one of my bioscience lectures today - testing to help to cure diseases (NB this post is not cosmetics related).
    I was quite shocked by the number of people who are against testing drugs/techiniques on animals, and none of them seemed to have a "good enough" reason in my opinion.

    The lecturer was for animal testing, and told us of a particular case where a scientist had dogs recovering from operations after testing - all of which were on the road to recovery. The dogs were hooked up to drips/sedation/antibiotics and well looked after. Protesters broke into the lab one night and "freed" the dogs - they unhooked the drips and left cages/doors open so that the dogs could escape. Unfortunately, many of the dogs died because they were not fully recovered. So the protesters did more harm than good!

    It seems to me that many people who protest against this sort of thing are quite selfish and do not understand the importance of animal testing. I bet they would not deny themselves or a friend/relative a lifesaving drug just because it had been tested on animals.

    Can anyone explain why people think animal testing is wrong - the lecture was cut short and we didn't get to have a proper "argument" !!

    Laura xxx
    The simple fact is, it has to be done. Im sure if there were any other ways other than animal testing, they would be in practise. And regarding the people that protest against it etc., im sure they wouldnt have a problem accepting treatment that had been initially tested on animals say for a life threatning illness e.g. cancers

    I probably should highlight the fact, just for the record, that I agree that animal testing is necessary, although I can see why there is objection - I was just arguing the point through.

    Interesting thread.

    I think that animal testing is morally wrong. I don't think 'it has to be done' at all. There's no point in me going into all the nitty-gritty of why I think that because xXeleanoraXx and Fluent in Lies have put down all the arguments I can think of and support! Plus I'm v. tired and off to bed...
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