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I normally have a really great relationship with everyone in my family. But this week everything has turned to hell.
My brother has hurt me physically and mentally this week. He has tried to suffocate me, amongst other things. However this is not any different to any week for me as i dont have a good relaionship with him.

After arguing today with my sister she told me she hated me.

I left the house and went for a walk,when i returned my mum was furious with me, took my phone and mad eout she really hated me.

I feel really down, and worthless at the moment. I get punished, yet my brother and sister dont, because the sun shines out of their arses. Apparently everything is almost my fault. I just dont know what i can do anymore and desperatly want to move out.. help/ advice please?

--Please keep annon--
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I feel you!

My grandparents are spending 6 months here because I haven't seen them in two yeasr because they live in America but sometimes my nan just annoys me for no reason. If I feel that way, I lock myself in my room. The same thing goes when I get really annoyed with my parents-espcially my dad and also when my younger brother annoys me, I beat the hell out of him-jokes!, I ignore them and I just leave them to their business

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