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im a nineteen year old confident and chatty girl who feels so lonely!! i've drifted away from some of my best friends from school since i left but it seems that everyones moved on, and i havent. ive tried to make an effort with people (like go clubbing or the pub or something) and it seems like no-one can be bothered or just lets me down. im sick of going on facebook and seeing peoples pictures of them having fun with their friends knowing that i was stuck at home with no-one. in the past ive never really had a friend that i can properly connect with or really talk to, and ive never had a proper relationship. im also not very close to my family. i have a mates 18th tomorrow and she has 40+ friends and family coming she has no idea how lucky she is. just getting 4 friends together to come clubbing with me for my bday was a challenge and i felt really crap for it i dont know what to do anymore, is this just a part of growing up??

i would be grateful for any advice anyone can give me please xx

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