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Hi guys,

I'm currently in my second year at the University of Leeds doing a media related course, and I'm starting to look into my options for masters courses for 2012, but I'm not too sure in which direction to go in.

For the past few years, I've been thinking of doing a management masters at the University of Sheffield. I thought this would enable me to go in the other direction from my undergraduate course at the University of Leeds.... kinda like the practical side from Leeds and the management side from Sheffield. After looking at fee's for 2011 at the management school (around £7,100 for 1 year), I've been wondering if I really would benefit from spending that amount of money on a masters in that department (as no other departments take my fancy!), although I have heard there management department is very well known, and the course seems very good.

Since finding out the extortionate fee for the course, I've been looking into a more practical masters course at Sheffield Hallam University. Again, it looks to be a good course.

I looked at both universities for my undergraduate course 2 years ago... I looked at the University of Sheffield after Hallam, and to me personally, there was no comparison between the two. Everything about the University of Sheffield was better, and the facilities were perfect, and the union was awesome. This, as you can imagine may deter me from applying to Hallam, as I loved everything about there rival university!

I was wondering what your thoughts were about what I've said in this post.
Are employers fussy about a masters from an ex-poly?
Would it be better to do the course at University of Sheffield rather than Hallam? Even if the costs are high.

Your thoughts are most appreciated, I'm quite stuck on what course I should go for at the moment!


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