Give an example of your interactive and communication skills

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    "Give an example of your interactive and communication skills."

    Has anyone came across a question like this whilst completing a job application? It's somewhat vague, and as such I'm a tad unsure as to what to write.

    I've thought about a situation when I was volunteering in a hospice and an individual went into cardiac arrest, and I had to help assist the nurses to treat this indiviudal. Eventually, the patient's heart rate increased and the patient started breathing again, going on to make a full recovery. I thought about writing about how quick and effective communication was of the utmost importance in this situation, as the person's life was at stake, and also the fact that it was a high pressure situation. I also had to try and communicate with the individual suffering the arrest, as I knew them personally, and look for signs of them "coming round" so to speak. I also had to flag down the ambulance and direct the paramedics and help explain what had happened.

    Do you think this would be a good example, or are they looking for something else?
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    Cany anyone give any examples of this type of question coming up for them?
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    (Original post by Milky Milk)
    Hmmm... What type of job is it that you're going for?
    Support Worker in a care home.
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    (Original post by Milky Milk)
    Then that is a good example, I personally read it as a reply to "Name a time where you have reacted well in a high pressure situation" as opposed to the original question. However, it's a different and well informed answer which could be well received.
    Ah well, it's just I was quite chuffed about how well I reacted in that situation, and I thought that they might be quite impressed by it. Thanks for the reply
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