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Question 1

‘The procedure of judicial review of administrative action is of increasing relevance and importance to English business’.


Question 2

Mr. James is the owner of almost all of the shares in Pizza Direct, a pizza delivery company. The company owes Mr. James money; he therefore thought it prudent to insure the pizza delivery vans. His personal car insurance company was running a cheap deal to insure any additional cars that he owned, so he placed the company’s two vans on his personal insurance and insured them comprehensively.

One evening during a fierce wind storm, a large branch blew down and crushed the van.

Mr. James has made a claim on his insurance.

You are a claims advisor for the insurance company, please advise whether or not you will pay his claim and why or why not.

Question 3

A law lecturer, Ms. Dela, had received a letter from the United States that she had secured a position as an associate with the law firm of Skooden, Eeeps. She was out celebrating with another lecturer, Mr. Ware, and said, ‘well I won’t need all my books where I’m going, so next Friday come to my office and you can take whatever books you please’.
On the week-end, Ms. Dela had second thoughts about leaving academia and becoming a practicing lawyer. She didn’t see Mr. Ware all week. When at last she saw him on Friday, she announced that she had decided to stay at the university after all.

Mr. Ware said ‘Well, Dela, that’s good news. Shall we go to your office, now? I want to select those books I contracted for and have to get home at a reasonable hour’.

Dela would not allow him into her office and has refused to speak to him since.

You have been asked for legal advice by Mr. Ware, who wants the books from Ms. Dela. Write an essay giving that advice and assessing the probability that Mr. Ware would succeed in any legal action to get them.

Question 4

Miss Hale was employed as a security officer by Queen Beatrice hospital, a private mental health hospital that caters to patients with a variety of mental disorders. The job requires that she be able to run to patients’ rooms should an emergency arise.
Bicycling home from work, Miss Hale was hit by a car. Her injuries have left her permanently in a wheel chair. She asked Queen Beatrice to accommodate her disability and shift her to a desk-bound position. Human Resources said that – like any other employee – she was free to compete with other applicants for other positions as and when they arose. Despite having applied for every position going -- from receptionist to security radio dispatcher (which paid marginally more than her present position) -- she failed to secure a position and was dismissed because she was unable to do her job as a security officer. Ms. Hale is now suing for disability discrimination under the Equality Act 2010.

The hospital has come to you for legal advice. Write an essay giving that advice and assessing the probability that hospital will succeed.
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If law students took philosophy their discipline would not exist...

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